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2 Answers

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lol The dude has got issues.

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Either he isn't  getting much sleep,  or  he is truly losing it. What's funny is some complain about Biden. At least he makes sense when he speaks and can finish a sentence. 

Lots of videos on there that show how he was misleading the public about the virus early on too. 

What will happen in November? We're in June now and it seems the year is going by fast. It began as a challenging year, and  it's going to be an interesting end of year. 

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The US timeline for trump's response to Covid-19 and what he said and did date by date was very interesting beginning with firing 18,000 staff that Obama had put in place to deal with a potential pandemic.


Yes, exactly. And he denied anything could ever happen. Not very bright. But considering he thinks climate change is also a hoax, I'm not surprised by his thinking. 

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