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+1 vote

And scrambled eggs on his cap?

in Entertainment by (2,968,180 points)

3 Answers

+3 votes

When he decides people shouldn't have the inconvenience of having to vote to keep him in power.

by (3,927,221 points)
+1 vote

Soon.  Very soon I think.  Barr will probably point out that as the commander in chief, he is probably authorized to wear a uniform and besides, who would complain.  Not the lapdog Esper, or the head of the joint chiefs in his combat fatigues analysing the DC combat space.

Someone is probably out looking for a uniform in size big and fat as we speak.

by (1,472,310 points)

“...size big and fat...”. That made me lol!!

+1 vote

Any day now.  He’s always reminded me of Idi Amin, only  oranger. 

by (2,378,190 points)

Idi Amin, The Last King of Scotland. They even have that in common. I was reading today that he is refusing to pay the court costs from  when he lost that time he sued us.

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