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If so what is it?

This music is my ringtone for my alarm on my old phone which I was able to keep. Its called "Warm Greetings" and I really like it.  I'm trying to see  how it can be transferred or downloaded onto the new phone.  I can do it but Youtube charges to download music, about 12.00per month. I might just do that once just to get it transferred. I can use the old phone as the alarm too. 

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4 Answers

+1 vote

No I dont need an alarm, my old cat starts pawing and meawing at 5am

by (3,105,070 points)

And I thought I was the only one with the cat problem. 

+1 vote

Nice ringtone. I just use the one it came with.

by (4,256,451 points)

Yes I like it so much I let it play while I have my coffee!

+1 vote

No my alarm emits a series of soft beeps. It’s the least annoying alarm I’ve ever had. 

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I'm alarmed when I wake up to music. 

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