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+1 vote

I'm just comparing tyrants.

I guess itll be a horse called Ivanka...

in Entertainment by (2,968,180 points)

4 Answers

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Best answer

It better be a Clydesdale or he’ll squash the poor creature. And I could go my entire life and my next life without seeing Trump shirtless...  *shudders*

by (2,378,190 points)
+1 vote

That would be quite a sight. Ivanka should be concerned.

by (3,927,221 points)

No she will just ask for a higher position and more pocket money 

+3 votes

And what makes you think that bunker boy could get onto a horse?  They would have to use the portable heavy lift crane.

And pity the poor horse a several hundred pounds of solid flab settles down on his back and oozes around his neck.  Can you say animal cruelity.

Then there is the problem of spray tan.  They would have to spray it into the many wrinkles, folds, and creases of his bloated body.  Probably take hours.

Ofcourse maybe spay tan is a barrier to covid19.  Might explain how he has not caught the disease.

I think it might be a horse called "Stormy" , he has ridden her once.

by (1,472,310 points)

Okay, I agree tRump wont be taking his top off anytime soon. But if he does!!!!!


It will be a sight for the ages.  It will probably set sun bathing back several decades to the one piece suit.  Knees to neck.  Lol.

+1 vote

If he rides a horse with his shirt off, he may flog himself to death...

by (768,970 points)
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