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Yes I have been asking for months but just let me be 10000000% positive why does he keep asking for money when I say No and he tries to manipulate me saying give me money and I’ll talk once a day with you he’s just trying to USE me right and get money anyway he can right??? Even before he wasn’t asking he wanted material things he SOLD them for money!!! This guy only cares bout money and himself am I correct??? I should never have talked to this loser!!! And no I haven’t given lately bc the last 6 months I have been working on me moving on but he bugs me I just ignore!! He just a lowlife loser RIGHt??

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Sorry, but once you’re 10000000% sure, you’ll continue to ask because you’ll want to be 20000000% sure. 

You are desperately grasping at straws to find out that you’re actually wrong so you can continue maintaining contact with this guy. You’re hoping your wishful thinking will come true, and suddenly he’ll change into who you want him to be, and you’ll just *know* you were right to trust him all along. 

Stop this. It’s twisted and unhealthy. Spending months fixating on this guy and this situation, and asking about it over and over and over even though you keep getting the same answers, is a sign of emotional problems.  If you can’t force yourself to stop, get help from someone - a therapist, clergy person or trusted relative or friend. 
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True if I can’t help him or change him and if he don’t want to change it always be the same way he a loser trying to play the same games thanks !! Yes it’s unhealthy 

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You seem to have him nailed.

He has gone from just a leech, to trying to blackmail you into it.  Miserable scum.

Life lesson here.  Don't ever give anything to someone you don't know that well.  Once you do, you are labeled an easy touch and nothing that you can do will change that.  

Just ignore him.  Don't try to argue, that just gives him hope.

Good luck.

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Thanks!!! That’s all he does is try to blackmail and manipulate !! He a loser!!! Peace to him

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Block his phone number and him in every way possible.  If he DOES manage to speak to you, ignore him, turn around, and walk away.  If he says anything more, tell him, "I'm notifying the police that you are stalking me."

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Absolutely correct.  

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