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So you guys may have been wondering about my absense from the site, but ive been having a bad time with my mental health. 6 weeks back i deleted all my social media and decided to come off my phone as much as possible. I also have stopped drinking fhe past 6 weeks, its not been a good moment for me. This site has offered me great help those last 16 months, from me getting custard dunked x2, or other silly situations i may find my self in. You guys never judge and i hope im welcomed back.

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8 Answers

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Welcome back. I'm sorry to hear you've been having a tough time. No-one knows what is really happening in others lives.

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Honestly thanks means alot.

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Sorry to hear you were having a bad time.  Now just to make you feel welcomed:

Is it bugger off or welcome back.

Stop back tomorrow since I need to ,make up my frivolous mind.  Do take care of yourself all joking aside

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Welcome back.  

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Welcome back.  I am sorry to hear about your mental health problems.  I hope that I have not been part of the problem and may be part of the solution.

The first step to recovery is admitting that you have a problem.

Good luck, let me know if there is anything that I can do.

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I'm quite sorry to hear of your tough times.  But I'm VERY encouraged by your determination to get through it and move to personal higher ground. Stopping the alcohol intake was a huge step.  We're proud of you!

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Always glad to see you, my dear. I'm sorry you've been having some struggles, but I am glad you feel like you're getting some non-judgmental support here. It sounds like you're headed in the right direction for getting healthy and staying that way.  Take care of yourself, and of course, if we can help, let us know. 

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Welcome back.  I'm glad to hear you've given up drinking, that's a very positive thing.  Don't worry about coming and going here, a lot of us are like that - here regularly for awhile and then not for periods of time, at least that's sure been my history here.  

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So wonderful to see the return of you.

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