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This one is about a porcelain doll. I mean who would give one house room? 

Everybody knows those dolls are evil little bast@rds.


in Entertainment by (2,968,180 points)

2 Answers

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Angel Heart is a classic but it's horror so it gets a low rating.

by (3,927,221 points)
+1 vote

Cause they're fun to watch? 

   I honestly like to watch those to make fun of them. I find myself laughing at their absurdities. 

   When I cancelled my tv service in November, there was nothing to do but watch CD movies in the CD player. I had already boxed most of them, so I was buying a few when I saw some in a Dollar store. These were B horror movies. Some so ridiculous that they left you hanging and wondering what happened. All in fun and an excuse to eat popcorn and entertain myself when I hadn't much to do then. 

by (968,410 points)

I sit and make fun, my  dogs are looking at me wondering what's going on. That doll one is finished so it takes me about an hour flicking through channels to see what I'll watch next..

This lock down can't last much longer 


That's so funny. My dog looks at me as if he's concerned when I laugh out loud. Youre lucky to see those on TV.  I watch them on my phone. 

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