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How do I NOT feel anxious if I sneak in clothes if and when I purchase clothes at the thrift store 

Pre-pandemic mom didn't care that I purchased all my clothes at the thrift store. Now my mom is afraid I will bring home COVID-19. 

AND DON'T say just bring in the clothes from the thrift store due to the fact that she would make my life miserable.

My mom (age 94) and I (age 65) live together. (My father passed on August 25, 1984. My sister has been married 44 years to a wonderful man and they have two wonderful sons).

I went to the thrift store last Thursday, June 4th and purchased two pairs of pants and had to sneak them into the house. My mom (age 94) would have gone nuts if she knew the pants were purchased at the thrift store. I also  went to a store (not Marshalls) that I just started shopping in that sells new clothes to get a couple of solid color tops to tie dye and that is how I got the pants into the house. After I purchased the two tops and left the store and went back to my car I put the pants into the bag that had the two tops.

Tomorrow I am going to go to Marshalls and if I buy clothes at Marshalls at a reasonable price I might check out the thrift store tomorrow to see what they have.

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You're always going to feel anxious when you're being a sneak. I'm not saying you're wrong to try and avoid fights with your mother by sneaking the clothes in, just don't expect to ever NOT feel worried or anxious about it. You will - it's human nature when you're trying to trick someone.

My mom used to sneak new clothes into the house so my dad wouldn't know she went clothes shopping. She'd leave the clothes in the trunk of the car until dad was at work, then bring them in, cut off the tags right away and hang them in the closet. When she wore a new outfit and my dad noticed he'd never seen it before, she would just say "This old thing? No, I've had this for ages!" No arguments ensued. Sometimes being a bit of a sneak can save you a lot of grief. 

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Stop buying clothes. Problem solved.

Life is what you make it.

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Nope not stopping 

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Your mother is probably not going to change.  No use spending all your time argueing.

So, you have two choices.  

Quit going to the thrift store.

Continue to be sneaky.  Your conscience will gradually get used to it. 

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By buying an large amount of clothes you may be trying to fill an unfillable psychological hole. When one feels inadequate about themselves the often go to extremes to compensate.

Second. You stated during the Covid crisis you were no longer purchasing clothes at the thrift store. But if you are going to buy that many clothes unless you are a rich girl, you probably can justify it by buying thrift clothing.

I think you are the only one who can justify sneaking. But what is served by you and your mother having these “fights”? Is it really worth it? You must know by now, you can’t change her!? So what is left? A little discretion on your part. Right????

It’s such a simple decision.

The Leftists have left us!

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Nope not trying to fill an unfillable psychological  hole. I just love clothes. 

True I have to use discretion.  I have to sneak it in.

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