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I feel quite uncomfortable about that to be honest. I understand it but it's not sitting well with me. Americans would be right to say they didn't ban them in 1941

No man has a  right to fix the boundary to the march of a Nation...

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It is what I would do.  The US has made no effort to curb the spread of covid19, and europe has been desperately trying to do something and is suceeding.  Besides trumpsky has been as nasty to them as he could be.  The Canadians currently don't let us in, the US keeps mexicans, chinese out.  

Although honestly, I would like to go to Europe, but I am not getting on a plane with a bunch of Americans to get there, so it doesn't matter to me if I am banned or not.

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I totally understand but Trump is an a abomination and things will get back on good terms when he has gone, we dont want any more damage. The new president whenever that is will need to call around the world letting everyone know America is back 


That is true.  But I don't think anyone will really trust us.  Treaties and agreements are too.easy to tear up.  The CDC, FDA, FAA, etc have all been shown to be a political agency.  I no longer trust them, why should anyone else.

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I honestly understand during Covid times countries wanting to reduce mingling. It is after all their duty to protect their people. I don’t think many Americans are offended. Actually most Americans are not thin skinned, and given a plausible reason accept things in their stride.

The Leftists have left us!

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Lol. Is that why so many of us refuse to wear masks and insist that a medical lockdown is “tyranny”? 


It’s the minority that gets the press coverage! Always the progressive pt of view gets covered the most! They even resent freedom of speech now!


Maybe because reality has a progressive slant. Modern conservatism is about stagnating and even regressing. No society - no species- has ever survived by doing that. You change, you evolve, you progress - or you go extinct. That’s not my opinion - that’s a fact. It’s evolution on a societal scale. 

And “they” who? Who are the “they” that resent freedom of speech? Maybe Trump - who fires every single member of his administration that disagrees with him... who refuses to let Dr Fauci speak to the news outlets... who goes on Twitter and publicly berates anyone who criticizes him...

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