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I'm watching a film called Nobody Knows Me Here or something like that! It stars the guy from Lost, Jorge Garcia. Good so far. 

   There was a cute one called The Other Half as well. It was about a high school girl who is hired by a young man  to write a love letter to another girl at his high school. Pretty good. 

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4 Answers

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I like stuff more on the sci-fi side; so my list is...Supernatural, Lucifer, The Order, Schitt's Creek (Comedy), Locke & Key, Stranger Things..Zoo (it got stupid towards the 2nd season -1st season is good and goes along with the book)

I finished them all...waiting on the new season of Lucifer...I heard Dead to me is supposed to be funny and Ozark is supposed to be good but it's slow-going for me. 

Hulu's got a cpl good ones -- Handmaid's Tale, The Strain (sci-fi/gross but good lol), Superstore (comedy), The Preacher (sci-fi)...Even watched X-Files all the way thru...

Geez...sounds like I had 3 months off to watch everything lol

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I binge watched 14 seasons of Supernatural year. Waiting on Season 15 and also for Season 5 of my favorite hot devil Lucifer!

I liked Stranger Things and Zoo, too. You’re right about Zoo. It got kind of stupid as it went along but I liked it anyway.


Part of season 15 is out right now with Supernatural...I'm sad it's the last one, so they say. I got a thing for Misha Collins -dorky hot guy lol


I like some sci fi, but not all. I did like Stranger Things, and I guess Lost was also in that category or somewhere between that and the supernatural. My daughter has mentioned Locke and Key, and I remember The X Files. Super creepy and good. I also saw the film.

   You may like  Into the Night-- that is also science fiction . I binge watched season 1 and you can change the language (it's in French). 


Jill:  How funny - I love me some dorky hot Castiel  too.  “Hey, Ass-butt!!!” How can you not love an angel who tries that hard to fit in???

Amy: “Lock and Key” was good. I enjoyed it - very unusual premise and fun like “Stranger Things.” Have you tried “The October Faction”? That one’s good, too. Kind of reminded me of NBC’s  Grimm. “The Witcher” is really good, but that’s more fantasy than sci-fi. 


Ill catch up on all those good ones and Locke and Key after the move. I'll be ready to sit down and relax then!


My favorite Castiel quote: "This is my voicemail..make your voice..a mail" in an awkward troglodyte tone

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Season 3 of The Sinner, its brilliant  

The Life of David Gale, saw that years ago but it was well worth a second watch.

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I had fun watching "Space Force" recently.

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Nothing, really. Netflix and Hulu really have nothing going for them. Stranger Things and Castle Rock are the only shows that are promising, from both of them. 

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I thought Into the Night was pretty good, and the series Orthodox. 

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