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I like to learn what is needed to get the job done. The Internet is a great resource for that.

Life is what you make it.

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I think that I will drink margaritas.  Like it was a beach somewhere with topless waitresses.  Thats hospitality.

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Lots of reading and research on the topic.

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Well, first, I would think, "Gosh!  I'm too stupid to answer this question on my own!"  Then I'd post it on a board like this one to see if someone who is intelligent can give me an answer that I could copy and claim is my own for the class I'm taking in the area of hospitality management.

My only problem would be if the people on the board were too smart to do my work for me.  Then I guess I'd have to try to actually answer the question myself.  Daggone it!

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First I would take out my unused text and suggested reading materials. I would carve out 2-3 hrs a day and find a comfortable reading spot. I know it’s a huge pain to read 3-5 required chapters but that s most often required to pass a course. Taking notes of what is covered in class is essential. If you aren’t a good note taker record your class sessions and play them back to take notes later.  If your Prof mentions an book outside of class, make your way to the school library to check it out first! Ask questions after the class is over as to what to expect on the next test, many Profs will give you the material to be covered.


The Leftists have left us!

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