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Or Iran or Germany?

No man has a  right to fix the boundary to the march of a Nation...

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5 Answers

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Who knows?  Inside of that bloated body lives a truly devious little brain.  

I am pretty sure that he will try.  He wants to be a wartime president.  He just needs a war, besides covid which he already lost.

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I wouldn’t put anything past him. His biggest fear is being seen as a “loser” - it’s one of his favorite insults to use against others. I think he is willing to burn this country - or any other country -  to ashes in order to win. 

And I’m not sure he’ll leave willingly if he loses. He’s already harping on how “corrupt” the election is going to be. 

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I'm not sure he could do anything to surprise me anymore.  He asked the Supreme Court to completely wipe out Obamacare yesterday. 

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He'll do whatever he can to get re-elected, legal or not.

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That I doubt. The American people are sick & tired of war. He once pointed out the trillions of US dollars spent in the Middle East and to what avail? Nothing absolutely nothing.

I thought he might get into it with Venezuela but no he didn’t. Remember when nearly everyone thought he was going to war with North Korea? Didn’t happen. He hasn’t yet gone full tilt on the rioters. And I know that eats at his very soul. So he isn’t as impulsive as many think.

He on the double horns of any dilemma. With the country rip torn down the middle of about every issue sometimes it is best to wait until the political winds blow. In other words wait until the country cries out with a majority wanting the same outcome.

The Leftists have left us!

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