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The following is what I just posted on my Facebook page.  I decided to copy it an put it up here as well:

This post is about the dumpster fire that is the state of the Covid-19 pandemic in the United States. To be honest, I'm tempted to call this a "Trumpster fire" instead of a dumpster fire, because I think that it is pretty clear that what has happened over the last three months has demonstrated a lack of leadership, a dereliction of duty, and an absence of national action to address and contain the spread of the virus.
We are watching those states that followed Trump's cavalier attitude towards containing the spread of the virus reaping what they have sowed. This despite the example of "here's how it's done" set by the state of New York, the first state that was hit in a devastating way by the spread of the virus. The state locked down. The state isolated. The state wore masks. The state socially distanced. The state remained closed up tight until the curve flattened and went down. Today, New York state is the poster child for how to contain the spread of the novel Coronavirus.
Rather than lead by proactive example--wearing masks, maintaining social distance, encouraging public officials to follow the CDC guidelines that were set and ENDORSED by the Trump administration--the President (a) hasn't worn a mask; (b) has decided to bring thousands of people together into an indoor arena without mandating social distancing or the wearing of masks; (c) has admitted that he wants the rate of testing to "slow down" simply because it yields a higher number of cases, a number that "makes him look bad; (d) has discontinued regular updates about the state of the Covid-19 pandemic because it drew too much negative attention to his inability to put together a national policy to deal with it, his obvious lack of understanding of so many aspects of the medical research and the science involved; and more.
And Mike Pence, the Vice President and the head of the Coronavirus National Task Force, as recently as today (Friday) has continued to claim that "all is well, all is well." His very words today were "“all 50 states and territories across this country are opening up safely and responsibly." At the same time he was saying this, Texas and Florida both halted their opening and even rolled back their openings. Texas closed the bars; Florida's governor banned drinking in bars because of the lack of social distancing, and Miami's Mayor Carlos Giménez is issuing an emergency order to shut down beaches and to limit Fourth of July fireworks crowds to under 50 people. Why? Because both Texas and Florida hit all-time high Covid-19 case increases--a surge that CANNOT be explained by increased testing alone. Florida reported more than 8900 new cases on Friday to go with the 10,000 new cases from Wednesday and Thursday.
Yet Mike Pence said that we have “made truly remarkable progress in moving our nation forward” and that “we've all seen the encouraging news as we open up America again.” What is he LOOKING AT? Thirty-two states are showing increases. Arizona is looking at a horrendous medical situation. There are SO many people entering hospitals with Covid-19 that they are facing the imminent need to "triage" the patients. What does that mean? Well, here's an example: let's say 100 patients have Covid-19 and if the hospital had the bed space, staff, and facilities, they would be admitted and treated. But because of the current load, maybe only 30 of the worst cases will be admitted. Inside the hospital, patients already there but who are getting worse and who SHOULD go to intensive care... well, not enough room, so pick the ones who get the ICU beds and leave the rest where they are or even send some of them home with oxygen. THIS is "encouraging news?"
Arizona's governor Ducey, back in May, followed the Trump playbook and issued an order that rescinded all local officials' restrictions in the state. In fact, he ordered that MASKS WERE NOT EVEN ALLOWED TO BE WORN. In the last two weeks, he has witnessed the disastrous effects of his cavalier attitude, and he is trying to walk on both sides of the street now. "If you can avoid going out, stay home," he said at an afternoon press briefing. "Wear a mask and distance yourself from others if you can't. And, please: Stop gathering in large groups." But he would not make it an executive order. He more or less begged people to do this, but he would not take any official action to save the citizens such as issuing an executive order to require masks and/or social distancing. Yet he admits that things will only get worse in the next two weeks no matter what is done right now. The numbers are such that they are out of control, and he is desperate to try to limit the spread.
Testing is showing that the CASES PER CAPITA (how many people out of 100, for example)--not the number of cases--is worse now in several areas than in hot spots elsewhere in the world such as Brazil and even what Italy, Spain and other countries who were "way worse than the USA" only a few months ago (at their worst.)
Things here in our country are so badly run and the level of effective actions that much of Europe is about to restrict Americans from entering their countries because of our poor handling of the pandemic.
A reporter Friday asked Mike Pence how he can he justify taking a "do as we say, not as we do" approach to the pandemic, citing the administration's lack of mask-wearing, lack of social distancing, and the initiation of large group gatherings in rallies and church settings. She wanted to know why the administration is not following their own (CDC) advice. His response had nothing to do with safety, health, and putting Americans at risk of serious illness and even death. He showed NO concern at all. He never addressed these concerns. Instead, he said that the First Amendment guarantees freedom of speech and assembly regardless of a pandemic. Then he rambled on for another 2-3 minutes, not addressing any part of the question asked, and walked out of the so-called "press briefing" after entertaining a total of six questions.
Trump's "head in the sand" approach is unacceptable. He continues to ignore the rising death toll, the urgent need for more testing and more limitations of the public to slow the spread of the virus, and the lack of a national strategy to be implemented--and followed by the administration itself.
Yes, THIS Is a political post. It's my expression of disgust with the lack of leadership, the lack of action, the lack of responsibility, and the lack of empathy exhibited by the President and his administration.
And PLEASE, don't muddy this water with "what about THIS????" comments. That includes deflections that turn the post towards Black Lives Matter protests, tearing down of confederate statues, the stock market, or anything not related to how to contain the spread of Covid-19. And don't get into the "it's my right" not to comply with any governmental restrictions. That's simply an excuse. We aren't allowed in restaurants with no shirt and no shoes. We don't decide to make cars without seat belts and air bags. We don't put asbestos in buildings. We don't decide to drive in the opposing lane of traffic because we have "freedom of choice." When it's for the health and welfare of every citizen, we make laws and restrictions. This is a "health and welfare" issue, not a partisan issue. Those who have insisted that it IS a partisan issue are now seeing the virus spreading out of control. And as a result, we're looking at the current Trumpster Fire. And you can take this to the bank: the number of cases, the number of deaths, and the number of hospitals that max out will only increase over the next few weeks until we start doing NATIONALLY what New York state and most of Europe have done.
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I think when it comes to country leaders there is enough blame  to go around. 

What I find extraordinary is the general attitude of people who support tRump, you can see it on here to a lesser extent with some saying how bad it is to be locked down when covid-19 is survivable or words to that effect. 

When it was Ebola or "Swine Flu" people on AO were in full panic mode, I especially remember the golden couple being extremely vocal in their assessment that thousands of Americans would die. I spent that time laughing at  them and as I understand it, the death rate from Ebola was minuscule.

Of course, those people weren't Obama people so in my mind that's a very important factor in what's going on with this novel Coronavirus. Like tRump, Obama wasnt a scientist or a clinician, the difference between him and tRump was Obama surrounded himself with smart people and actually listened and responded to their advice, and saved lives.

One positive to come out of this is that the rest of the free world managed this pandemic without US leadership which they may have been too dependent on and now that the US cannot be trusted new alliances will form leaving the populist isolationist to get on with it 

I said when Trump was elected that he would get us all killed.  So it wasnt by a hot war but by a sneaky wee virus.

No man has a  right to fix the boundary to the march of a Nation...

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Some people have to learn the hard way.

Life is what you make it.

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You are not wrong.  The whole US response has been in the toilet.  First the head moron denied it existed and allowed the virus to get started.  We could have done some preparation in January and February, but no.  He went golfing.  Then tried to take credit for calling it a pandemic and blamed WHO.  TRUMPSTER is an imbecile.

Now, except for brazil which is run by someone even stupider that trump, the US is alone in the fight.  More cases, more death, and we are only getting started.

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The way the Trump administration has handled this epidemic is nothing short of criminal negligence. 

But this is who Trump is. This is who he’s always been. Anyone who is surprised by his utter failure to not only lead, but to even express sympathy to suffering Americans, has been hiding under a rock for the last 30+ years. He never tried to disguise who he was - he made it clear in newspapers, magazines and interviews since the late 1970s, that he was an amoral douchebag with a grandiose vision of his own amazingness. He showed us over and over how he was selfish, overly materialistic, racist, misogynist, uncaring, petty spiteful, vindictive and humorless.

I’ve run out of words to describe the amount of contempt in which I hold him...

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Hi!  So nice to see you!  I tried to tell myself he might help the economy after he won.  Never really cared for the other selection either but he is truly dangerous IMO for numerous reasons.

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Well said!

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I’m with you!  There have been Presidents I’ve liked and those I’ve disliked but I’ve never felt so embarrassed, disgusted and unsafe as I do with the current person.

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HEY. It’s really good to see you! Hope you and yours are well in these “interesting” times! 


Great to once again hear your "voice" here, Suz!

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So nice to see you! To be honest was unaware this site was still kicking.  Such a crazy and challenging time. Laying low at home is very isolating.  Of course I do have my dogs and cat but miss seeing friends.  Stay safe and healthy and try to keep away from the Trump rallies.

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