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Hope you can have a brilliant social distancing party.

Stay safe guys.

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8 Answers

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Thank you my friend.  Stay safe

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Hopefully we can throw off this yoke of oppression soon.  Or maybe he will catch the covid19 and die.  Either way we will be free free free.

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+3 votes

Hopefully November 3 will be our real Independence Day! 

But thanks for the good thoughts. Be safe yourself!

BTW, what do you hear from your boy? Is he still in Australia? Hope he’s well and happy, too. 

by (2,488,600 points)

Yes he is still there, he is in Melbourne who had to reinstate a shut down but he is working from home so at least he is still earning. Thanks for asking 

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Happy 4th people. Send a few fireworks up Trump's arse.

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Thanks.  And I see it has been six years since the Independence Referendum for Scotland was defeated.  Any plans to make the break after the EU situation is settled?

(Asking for a friend... in the McCauley clan!)  ;-)

by (880,520 points)

Yes, we havent stopped planning and campaigning and making sure we keep the Scottish National Party in power. Scotland will be regaine  it's normal independent statehood by 2022 and reenter the EU in subsequent years.


This literally came up on my youtube after I'd answered your question. The gods are looking down on us 


Go get 'em. Lass!

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Happy late forth of July to anyone in America ! thanks
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Thanks Belle. Still at home and staying safe. But I'll be traveling soon. 

I was home all day and packing the last of what needs to be done. There's no time to lose and I have to get things done by Monday otherwise I'm in trouble. It'll be done today, Sunday. I see lots of things I don't use or can't use anymore being thrown away or donated. It's a good time to declutter! 

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A belated Thank You Belle!

My neighbors all got a dose of patriotism and set of firecrackers till 3 am! I think they were competing between three different groups who could go longer and louder!

That’s strange as in past years everyone was finished by 11 pm easily. I think some have had their jobs shut down by Covid so they didn’t have to go to work the next day.

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