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I have my  winter dyke in what I still call my sons room but in reality is a spare room.

Today I was hanging washing and the TV turned itself on!!!"

The remote control is in a drawer so I know where it is.

I need an explanation before I burn my house down.

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3 Answers

+3 votes

Umm , perhaps you could tell us what a winter dyke is? That has an entirely different meaning in the US! Lol!

by (758,250 points)

A thing you hang your washing on when you can't drink it outside  A Dyke is a wall.

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Perhaps you or some of the wash brushed the power button on the TV.  Maybe you being in there created just enough vibration to set off the remote somehow.  Maybe your neighbors have the same remote and sent a stray signal your way.  Maybe there's Ghosts in the Machine.  IDK

But yeah, please explain what a dyke is to you, here in the States it would imply you have a lesbian in your spare room.  And her being your winter one, starts sounding like a rather complicated relationship is going on.

by (947,630 points)

when you can't hang your washing out, mainly in the winter you hang it on a rack thing  A Dyke is a wall

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Aside from the smart aleck answers that sprang to mind, here is a serious one...

Since your TV can be turned on and off by a remote control, it is possible that something that occurred in the room activated the TV.  For example, the jingling of keys can operate some remotes.  A scrape of something on the floor might have hit the right frequency.  Etc.  Now that most remotes are infrared, we don't have that problem so much, but with older sets, it was a problem.  

Another possibility is that the batteries in the remote are wearing down, and as they do so, they can trigger "one last gasp" and turn on the TV as the batteries produce uneven power due to the weakening. 

A third possibility is that the Power button on the remote or on the TV is stuck in a partially-depressed state, and it will randomly operate the TV as it "shorts out" in one direction or the other.

Finally, if your TV has a TIMER setting on it, then it may have been set at some point to turn on at a certain time, and it has been doing that for a while, but you only found out because you were in the room at the right time.

P.S.  Is it a Samsung Smart TV? There have been some issues with them turning on/off based on turning on other devices that are either intentionally or unintentionally connected to the TV.  That could be a simple unplug/wait a while/plug back in fix, or it might be a defective remote or other device.  If it's a Samsung, you might want to do a more detailed search to get more info.

Good luck ... from ... the Ghost of TV Past...  ;-)

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