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Until a week ago I didn't relize how much COVID 19 had affected my life in almost everything I do.......I used to go out every day and have some sort of breakfast at a restaurant or cafe......then I would take in a walk or some fresh air somewhere other than where I am now which is a comparatively large city. Then enjoy the afternoon at home relaxing in front of the TV or perhaps listening to the radio and then more Tv in the evening.

During COVID that was just. not possible and now we are coming out of it I'm looking forward to going back to some of my old habits, maybe III just. not eat out as often and possibly III do a. class at college to take up. some time. I've thought about this for a time and would like to. do something different with my evenings except just watch TV out listen to the radio.

What do you think? 

Anthony. Stay Safe and keep well

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I ive in Scotland and we have almost eradicated the virus but not quite, its still out there. I have been shielding but yesterday they relaxed the restrictions and I can meet a max of 8 people outside ensuring the 2m social distance  and I can have a 1 household bubble.

It is mandatory to wear a mask where social distinding is not possible. 

How has it affected me, I can't answer that because the virus is still there, there is no vaccine or cure so life isn't back to normal and nor should it be.  So when its gone or they have a vaccine, I will be following government guidelines and taking every precaution 

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