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Welcome IPhone user you been selected to receive either $1000 Walmart or $1,000 Amazon card!! You are our millionth user....

Most likely a scam, right?

The problem is it happens repeatedly when I am googling subjects. It is annoying as all heck as you can’t use the back button to remove the pop up ad.

Is there a way to turn off these ads??

Thx in advance!

in Technology by (760,460 points)

2 Answers

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Have you tried throwing it out the window?

by (3,949,941 points)

I would throw your phone out the window but not mine!!!

You see I see things in terms of what salary I made in my early youth. That phone would have been close to two months salary!!!


Leave my phone alone, you!

+1 vote

Go in and kill your browsing history.  Leave you data in the off mode except when you actually need something and delete most Apps

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