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I like it here so far. I hope the feeling lasts.  Happy and content to be here ...and I won't bore you by singing The Hills Are Alive With the Sound of Music... Lol

    I finally got my tv to work with a DVD player as the internet connection won't be in till tomorrow, but I just wanted that to watch something as I flatten my boxes. Believe it or not, I have dozens of boxes still around because if all the stuff I've accumulated over the years, stuff I really don't NEED. I think the less you have, the better off you are in any living situation. As long as you have the basics, you're fine. 

    I'll tell you a funny yet serious story before I leave to continue flattening the boxes. 

   On my way here, in Pennsylvania where I stayed a night on my way over, I was leaving the hotel the next morning and carrying many things. I had the pets to transport to the car, all their belongings needed, as well as my own things. I had a grey bag that held my clothes and some valuables-- my jewelry which I didn't pack in boxes of course. Meanwhile the movers would be coming in the next day to unload in the apartment. 

   Long story short:. I told myself to leave the grey bag by the hotel entrance, put the pets and other bags away, accommodate what I could in my crowded car, and then come bag for the grey bag. As I put all I had in the car, I took off, never looking back at the hotel  entrance, where my grey bag sat. 

    It wasn't until I was 4 hours from Columbus that I realized my grey bag was missing..I could only think I might have left it outside a MacDonalds where I took the dog out to go, or outside the hotel entrance. I couldn't go back because it was late and I needed the keys to the apartment in Columbus. So I prayed all the way here that the bag would be turned into the hotel, and that's exactly what happened. I had to go all the way back there last Sat to get it,  (I left the pets in my apt with a daughter)  A gold bracelet left to me by my aunt who died last year was part of the valuables, and that was what I worried about the most. 

     Whew! What a nightmare that was. 

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im so glad you're settling in  

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Thanks Belle. But that was quite a scare. 

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Oh Jeezus! That is so me! To the point I am obsessively going repeatedly over my list just to go to the Dr.

Do I have my ID,Insurance card, list of new medications etc.

I am even giving my guy “the list” as I go to the hospital via ambulance squad.! I don’t mess up as I once did but it’s a real fire drill!

: I hate that about myself:!

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We're not perfect although we try our hardest to be. I sometimes remember what I tell myself to do, but I was so stressed out. Part of the problem that I forgot to say, was that it was a pet hotel, but some do NOT allow cats-- and I was trying to hide their carriers with other things I strode by the lobby!  That's why I was stressed out besides the driving worrying me. I imagined accidents, etc. 

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A change of cities is like a change of jobs.  It takes awhile to learn where the potholes and speed traps are.

Glad your luggage worked out ok.  I have left things in hotels, never to be recovered. Lol

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Thanks!  If it was just clothes, I would have said goodbye to it. 

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Wow ...Lady Luck shined on you!


She sure did. Or an angel. 


So glad you got your gold bracelet back.


Me too. 

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