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I This is usually helpful:

Set the mood for sleep;;

1. Wind down all activity 2 hrs before bedtime.   2. Set room temp cool enough to require a thin blanket when sleeping.                                         3.Turn off TV . And lower home lights think of installing dimmers on lamps or ceiling lighting.                                                  4. Read an interesting book or.                            5. Listen to an audio book or soothing music. The iPhone app. Calm is an example with nature sounds.                                                     6. Take a warm bath with lavender soap. Turn off bright bathroom lights and light votive candles.                                                              7. Take your night meds, esp anything for chronic pain.                                                          8 .Have someone give you a deep massage laying on the bed.                                                       9. While laying there don’t talk or think about upcoming chores, trips or tomorrow’s work schedule.                                                                    10. Instead focus on a a far away place an ocean resort a trip to the mountains. Recreate in your mind the sights, sounds and smells.               11. Begin deep breathing Inhale and Exhale deep.                                                                        

Now a list of thing you should avoid before bedtime.

1. No strenuous work outs 2 hrs before sleep!         2. Caffeine. Colas, Coffees & High energy drinks.                                                                     3. Spicy meals. Burritos, Pizza,BBQ’d anything. 4. Arguments with children, husband or dog!            5. Speaking of pets it is best if Fluffy or Tucker has their bed to prevent waking you!                   6. Avoid listening to a partner snore. You may need ear plugs but only if they can wake you in. time for work tomorrow.                                       

           Things you may need to buy.                        

1. A heated mattress pad is you suffer from chronic Arthritis pain.                                           2. Comfortable sleeping attire.Nothing too heavy, tight or restrictive.                                         3. A soft night light for your bathroom. Nothing is more jolting than a high voltage vanity light at 4 am.                                                                       4. Black out drapes to block out city or street lights. Too expensive? You can purchase black poster  board and cut to fit windows to eliminate light.                                                                     4. If all else fails... Have your Dr. prescribe Lorazepam(Ativan) and or Trazadone( sleeping pill) . The Ativan is an anti-anxiety pill.

                  Happy Dreams!!!’

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Honestly, the best sleep comes after a randy round of intimacy.

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Sex with sweat and orgasms.  Booze can knock me out---but it is short lived . Same with Benadryl.   Sex---on the other hand...puts me out for the night.  Him too.
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Medical marijuana. Right before bed. Great for my arthritis AND my sleep pattern! 

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