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I have 2 KN 95 and 100 disposable. I leave the House about once every  2 weeks so I think I'll get to  the end of this without needing more 

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We have a box of N95's, we have a box of Surgical disposables.  We also have a few full ventilators helmets with oxygen attachments if needed.

My partner is a surgeon and in our neck of the woods it is required.  We also have a full EMT kit etc very handy, again required.

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I have a couple of N95s, which I bought years ago to keep the dust out of my nose while mowing the lawn, a few surgical masks, a bunch of the cheap disposable ones and a couple of washable ones.  Masks R us.

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I only have a few.  I've been isolating to the point I'm rarely in a situation I need one.
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3 cloth masks for public wear; For my 8+ hr shifts I use the paper disposable ones because they're easier to breathe with and they don't seem to be growing mildew after 20 minutes of wearing them (just read about this -I used to wear one for work all day but started having dry coughing spells and migraines until I switched)...

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2 boxes of 100 disposable and like 4-5 cloth ones. I wear the cloth ones to work.... more comfortable on my face.

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