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in Daily Life by (320,630 points)

8 Answers

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Hmmmmm long list, here are a few of my favorites

1.  The Pyramids

2.   Congress to get anything done

3.   When you are waiting for your SO and they are getting ready to go out

4.   Though progress is being made on Covid, we all have a long way to go before vaccines and effective treatments are found.

“Better a true enemy than a false friend.”

by (2,831,740 points)
+2 votes

Me. To get laid.

Life is what you make it.

by (3,836,981 points)
+2 votes

The summer holidays when I was a child 

No man has a  right to fix the boundary to the march of a Nation...

by (2,886,610 points)
+2 votes

Recovering from my tonsillectomy. It was more painful than the extremely complicated and lengthy surgery I had last year!

by (2,298,930 points)
+3 votes

The second coming.

Possibly the first coming.

A woman wanting to have sex with me.

The end of times.

Possibly all describe the same event.

by (1,423,310 points)
+1 vote

Still waiting on MN to legalize marijuana...some red states got us beat -- wtf?

by (19,190 points)
+2 votes

Me realizing my last lady friend was nothing but a narcissistic user. 

by (924,990 points)
+1 vote

The number of years it took to prepare my home to move. It was about 3 or 4. :/

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.       -Socrates

by (908,690 points)

That's a long time Amy. Hopefully it will all be worth it. Some things and some people are worth waiting for.


It was well worth it, Blue. I'm really happy with the new place and consider myself extremely lucky considering the house sold during a time like this. Thank you!

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