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In my local shop. I know there are exceptions but I'm seeing a significant number and no-one being challenged by staff.

Life is what you make it.

in Daily Life by (3,836,981 points)

6 Answers

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We see that a lot here, however the shops will tell you wear a mask or get out.  You see it on the trams and on the Ubahn as well

“Better a true enemy than a false friend.”

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+3 votes

I see most people wearing masks when they’re indoors - which kind of surprises me. Everyone in Arizona is packing, so it’s a relief that I haven’t seen any OK Corral re-enactments over mask-wearing...

by (2,298,930 points)

lol Totally.

+1 vote
That's when you bring out your inner Karen and speak to the manager; summon the CEO if you need to - Mask Nazis know everything.
by (19,190 points)

I'm thinking about organising a protest.


And I’ll protest your protest. Then Jillopo can protest my protest of your protest!  This could turn out to be as much fun as the Kevin Bacon game!! 


I'm already protesting for my governor to pay for my Lasik since masks are mandatory - Maybe if I damaged $55M in property he'll finally listen and I'll even get my own hashtag


If you go to prison... Can you have your LASIK done there? You know as a one off for a sex change.

You know burn a Democratic head quarters or something? They are to only ones being prosecuted at the moment. Right? Jussie Smollet, Boston Bomber get reduced or no sentence. Funny (not) that!

But you changes are life-saving, Lasik is clearly only cosmetic. 

Wait a minute L4U, did you just mention Jesse Smollett and the Boston Bomber in the same sentence? Who gives a fuck about Jesse Smolllett? He’s an asshole who used the race card to get attention - he’s not a terrorist.  The Boston Bomber is going to spend the rest of his long life in prison, or will be retried outside of Boston and get another death sentence. Nobody is letting him out of jail. 

And the Democrat headquarters here in Phoenix was burned down by an arsonist who was pissed off at being rejected as a volunteer there. He had a history of behavioral problems, so it’s a mental health issue most likely. 

I’m not going to offer an opinion about gender transformation surgery, except to say I can’t comprehend what it must be like to feel so out of touch with your own body, that you think  it’s not the one you belong in. That has to be emotionally torturous. 


Liberal laser >>>>>>>>>>! •


Smollet was a piece of shit, yes..the bigger issue is who he tried to blame his fake hate crime on -it's defamation and I take it more seriously than someone who can't figure out what gender they are any given moment. 

There's certainly something to be said about people who walk around with "pride" for doing nothing but waking up. 

+1 vote

They need to be reported for not following procedure. Honestly this is why we're still at this pandemic's mercy. 

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.       -Socrates

by (908,690 points)

Amy you can be the “mask wrangler”! How good is your health insurance once they sucker punch you into oblivion? Oh wait my bad... that would be covered by Workman’s Comp. Right?? Right? 

Wouldn’t that make Amy feel even more empowered? 

You are a whole lot tougher than I am!


Try getting sucker punched even worse if you don’t have health insurance. Oh, wait you’re probably on Medicare so no worries for you. Good old socialism will make sure your medical bills get paid. 


If I was working, that would be covered under Workman's compensation. Yes a good old socialism asset. Without it I'd be in trouble. 

   Actually, I dont argue with stupid people on the spot. I'd report the store and remain anonymous. 



Report the store to who? Certainly not the cops? Remember ACAB? Besides that they are being defunded?

Maybe the few that remain can be the mask wranglers since they won’t be allow to arrest anybody?


Report the store to whomever implemented the regulation about people needing to wear a mask inside public places. In NJ it would be local officials, and I'm sure it would be the same here...

+2 votes

It all evens out... I see dead people...

by (715,900 points)
+1 vote

I worked in retail for 16 yrs. The public offers to give you a beat down for not giving them a refund on 3 yr old grass stained tennis shoes. 

There’s not enough money in the world for me to walk up and ask them to don a Covid mask.

Society has come loose from its moorings.

Retail even then was not ”Are You Being Served?”

The Leftists have left us!

by (735,900 points)

I was in my local store the other day and one of the assistants stopped a thief from exiting the building. And took back the bag of stolen goodies.


Yes, I assisted Loss Prevention nearly every night with this. They were a lot more agreeable not to face felony shoplifting than donning a mask I am sure.

Hell I am immune-compromised and nearly suffocate in the damned things!


It doesn't take much to give people a polite reminder. I've worked with many that are quite happy to do so normally because they're on a power trip.


PSA’s are a lot safer. 

Jus’ say’n


Do both. I just doubled your options.


I just dubbed thee the “Mask Wrangler”

Sir Mask-a-Lot !!!


I dub you the wind-up merchant. Say something wind-up-able.


Mmmm... Trump will win 2020?

Mmmmm. The Scots will ne’er be totally independent?

How’s that for starters?

That as good as Orange Baby Trump?


Mmmm... load of crap?


Gotta go my laser pointer just died....


Just relax.

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