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The president of my country (Brazil) is a complete stupid. A total scoundrel.

A few days ago he became infected with Covid and, even so, he continues to walk among the people, generating crowds. (Among other absurdities that he speaks or does).

It's disgusting...



Remembering that Brazil is the second country with the most cases in the world.

(Now there are 91,263 deaths and 2,610,102 confirmed cases in total). 


While that, the president completely ignores the problem ...

(Yesterday's picture):


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7 Answers

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I wouldn't trust Boris as far as I could throw him. The problem with politics is the spin. You can say what you like but 100,000+ deaths is not a good sign.

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I thought for a minute that you were talking about our Orange Toad.  Probably the only guy on the planet stupider than your guy.  150,000 deaths and counting.  If it were not for Brazil, the US would look even worse.

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Trump is the worst president the US has ever had. History will not be kind to him or to his sycophant enablers in Congress. Fascism isn’t a good look on anyone. 

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Fortunately I have a very competent First Minister but unfortunately she is out ranked by the worst Prime Minister since Chamberlain who thought he could reason with Hitler.

Yes that is how bad he is 

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It's nice not having a piece of crap socialist in office who divided the country with hate while talking shit about America to appease his UN handlers (the same UN who put China as head of their "Human Rights" council - China is currently holding over 1million people in concentration camps but they're great with human rights, yall). I'm glad we finally have a president who stands up for us and calls these world organizations out on their bullshit -they need to be slapped down -the UN, especially.

by (20,830 points)

Do not disagree with the majority of your points.  Now Trump is worse than Obama you have to admit


I disagree. There's only one or 2 things I agree with any democrat on and that's ending the drug war and legalizing pot --the rest, democrats are hate-filled psychos dead set on destroying everything about this country -including the Constitution because "racism", or something. Trump standing up to the left is what they and their media hates. The democrats hate the EC because they want nothing more than mob rule (AKA, popular vote only)- they know that Chicago, CA and NY will be deciding our elections for us and that locks in their re-elections. They have the media & Hollywood on their side. 

Obama was coddled AF during his time as president; those children in cages at the border? Those viral photos were taken during Obama's reign. The individual mandate which was finally ruled unconstitutional, higher taxes, the onslaught of hatred for this country, his NDAA that far-left rioters in Portland got to experience (detaining of US citizens).

He's a better public speaker than Trump - that's it. Obama is a silver-tongued, corrupt liar who *woo'ed* celebrities and fanatics alike. He was mediocre, allowed the US to be taken advantage of by our "allies", fanned the flames of division with his anti-2nd Amendment rhetoric, and all throughout his presidency, it was Bush's fault and you're a racist. Now everyone and thing is racist thanks to Obama. 

And scandal-free? That's turning out to be a joke with the Obama admin spying on the Trump campaign -if anyone tried rigging the election, it's the democrats and Obama behind it. The shit he gets away with is unreal all because the media continuously lies and gives half-truths. It's sickening


Interesting view point, I can see some the argument.  Trump is a loser, Obama was an Ivy League user using Eric Halder & Lorretta Lynch and pardoning them before he exited office w/o any indictments issued.

The real issue can anyone trust any Elitist Ivy League individuals to look after the common good?

Me thinks not, which is where our viewpoints mesh.  Now do not trust Trumpsters he is the worst of all evil,s a New York bred Investor class individual.  These folks need the Guillotine at best, public stoning is deserved for this class.

Trumo did fuck with China which is all good in my playbook.  Does F-with the NYC monied/freetrade/f-America class.

Racism did seem to increase under Obama, but his only contribution to it was having dark skin.  A half- black guy got elected president and every racist hiding in in the woodwork scuttled out and went ape-shit. I’m not sure that’s Obama’s fault. 

I would be OK with our president standing up to China if he had any semblance of a plan to deal with the resulting fallout. Trump doesn’t - he talks big at China because he thinks it makes him look tough, not because he has any idea what to do about it. And all the while he and his daughter continue pushing their Chinese-made lines of crap merchandise and are privately pleading with Jinping to help with Trump’s re-election.  Please. Don’t insult our intelligence with talk about Trump taking on China. 

Trump thinks the far right, in other words Nazi's are "very fine people" Trump couldn't stand up to an Ant.


Trump told China that detaining Uigher's in "concentration camps" was exactly the right thing to do...

+1 vote

Bolsonaro's twin is running the US.  Both should be in the loony bin

by (2,857,840 points)
+2 votes

tRump is the worst President our country has ever had.  He's totally corrupt on top of being an incompetent ass. 

by (949,130 points)
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