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And what's to the left of you?  What was the last song you played or heard?

  To my right is a VHS of Lord of the Flies, the original that I bought to show my 7th and 8th graders when I taught Language Arts. To my left at my feet is my sleeping dog. I am still unpacking. IaI figure it took me about a year to pack, I hope it doesn't take as long to unpack. 

   The last song I just listened to is Aretha Franklin's, I Say a Little Prayer. 


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8 Answers

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To the right.  Eating dogs.  The wife just fed them.

To the left.  A wall.

No music.

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Life is better with music. :)


I agree.  I am just not very committed.  I can never remember the artist, or even the name of the song.  I like a lot of classical music, willy nelson, tayler swift, lady gaga.

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To the right is my laptop and right channel Creative T10 speaker. To the left, left channel speaker, mouse, Samsung J3 smartphone, TV Remote control and a supply of Trebor Extra Strong Mints.

I have playlist files for music with about 8 to 10 songs per playlist. Last song was probably Alison Moyet, All cried out.

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Not heard of Money. I'll have to look her up.


I meant Moyer? Silly cell, has its own mind.


Thanks Amy. I guessed that's what you meant.

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To the right: A cat. 

To the left: A cat. 

There aren’t a whole lot of surprises in my house...

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To my right is a bunch of random crap on my desk...and the last song was some acoustic cover of The Unforgiven

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To my right a pile of scatter cushions 

To my left, a lamp table with a lamp, a photo of me and hubby on our wedding day and a wax burner.

Last song, Believer by a kids choir. It was the hold tune while I waited 45 mins to get through to Virgin Media.

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To my right is   my sleeping son; to my left is the  computer charger. It is just before 4 am and I'm on the laptop in bed because if I get up, he'll wake up shortly thereafter and be cranky all day. The last song I listened to was Me Enamoré de Ti by Maluma.

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That sounds like a beautiful song. I'll look it up!

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To my right, a window

To my left, my coffee on an end table

Music, Dance with Somebody - Mondo dio (Swedish Band)

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Right of me is Mitt Romney and an empty salad bowl.

Left of me is AOC and closet doors.

Music? Probably Boney James Don’t remember which track!

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