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Trump isn't bothered where the virus originated.

Life is what you make it.

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5 Answers

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Yes, he does. It makes me wonder why we don’t call H1N1 (aka “swine flu”) the US virus... 

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His current plan is to blame china for everything.  Except that cheap MAGA crap, it comes from there.  He is going to blame them for the recession, stealing the election, and melania getting pregnant.  Cheap chineses condoms.

I am not sure that the chinese care.

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I remember when the talking heads insisted that 6 months in it couldn't be called  Obamas economy any more, it was now tRums economy.

You see where this  is going. 

No man has a  right to fix the boundary to the march of a Nation...

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Clearly he's just an orange racisty racist fascist and the Virus is ALL HIS FAULT -Him and Putin plan on taking over the world and making Bill Gates chip everyone with his crap vaccine. He knows that if he promotes one drug, the rest of us will hate it and go along with the plan for Orange-World-Government.

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I'm thinking about blaming Obama, the radical left, the WHO, immigrants, the kitchen sink and aliens from the planet Zog.


The virus isn’t Trump’s fault. The dismantling of existing agencies which could have contained the virus is Trump’s fault. His refusal to take the problem seriously for 4 months is his fault. His complete lack of leadership during the ensuing crisis is his fault. His refuting of medical experts and encouraging quack cures is his fault. The tanking of the economy, which wouldn’t have happened if he’d done something constructive sooner, is his fault. The resulting unemployment is his fault. 


JPT. The person at the top of any organisation takes ultimate responsibility. However, sometimes it takes public opinion for them to jump. If the US was virus free tomorrow he'd be taking all the credit. Funny that.


If WHO could stop going back & forth on the virus and also standing up for China, who is responsible for withholding information about the seriousness of it, perhaps we could have gotten ahead of this. I recall the DemocRATS calling Trump a racist for putting a hold on travelers from highly infected areas back in February while Pelosi and the rest of the democrats said "Come on down to Chinatown!" -anything Trump does or says is met with resistance from the left - Literally everything. 

If Biden wins the election, you know damn well the media will be praising his efforts at every turn...if Trump wins in Nov, we won't stop hearing about it until the end of his 2nd term. How can you trust the MSM right now with how blatantly obvious their bias is? 


Dude Trump is still saying let's wait it out. In other words do nothing.


Democrats called Trump a racist because he put a hold on *Chinese people* coming here from China but not on Americans or Europeans coming here from China. That’s racist. 

The WHO has sent confusing data because viruses aren’t predictable or easy to understand. As the understanding progresses, the data changes. That’s what is called “admitting a mistake and trying to correct it.” Which is probably why the concept doesn’t compute to Trump. 

Everything that Pelosi and Democrats said about the virus in *February*, they had recanted by mid-March when it became apparent how wrong they were. But Trump and the GOP were *still* saying the virus was nothing to worry about - or a hoax-  up until 2 weeks ago. 

I think that from now on, when conservatives get sick they should immediately go to their local Republican headquarters instead of to the doctor. 

Nobody should take the media at face value for anything ever. Read multiple sources, do your own research and then draw your conclusions. That said, the mainstream media is still  more accurate than Fox News, QAnon, Alex Jones and Breitbart. 


And Democrats believe the shutdowns work -kill the economy, get people homeless, lose their jobs and businesses over a 97% survival rate....all while encouraging the 'peaceful' protests. Trump left it up to the states to shut down or not. 

It's a virus - an enemy you cannot see...and WHO can't figure their shit out. Not to mention the faulty reporting on Covid deaths/cases in the media -as if nobody was dying of other causes. The media has successfully instilled fear in the public

Vaccines are in the making, masks are mandatory in many states, and conflicting reports on hydroxychloroquine treatments keep circulating -nobody knows what to believe unless you're a 'radical'. The blame for this virus spreading the way it did lies with China for withholding information and WHO covering for them.   

Just what in the world are we supposed to do? I refuse to live in fear over a 97% survival rate. 



More people died from Mainstream fear-monger reporting than any of the above mentioned. I'll take my chances with Breitbart over Clown-News-Network any day. 


The shutdowns DID work in Europe. We just waited too long, reopened too soon and only had halfway adherence to them by stubborn people who didn’t seem to care who they hurt. 

I won’t live in fear either, but when our elected officials ignore and denigrate highly respected medical professionals and urge their supporters to do the same, this society has a serious problem. 

We should stop testing for COVID19 because then we’d have fewer cases? HOW does one defend that mindset? Let’s just stop giving mammograms to reduce cases of breast cancer...

Medical professionals don't all agree with each other; if it doesn't fit a certain agenda or agree the left wing narrative, it becomes mocked, de-platformed, de-monetized, and censored in a nanosecond without any objective reasoning. 

Perhaps we should start questioning the accuracy of OTHER countries in their reporting of cases -is that not scientific or am I asking the wrong questions because I don't bow to countries that hate the US?

Sweden seems to be doing well - regardless of what the liberals say.

AND, when did I say stop testing? Wtf?

YOU didn’t say “Stop testing and there will be fewer cases.” Sorry, I should have been more clear.  Trump said it. Multiple times. 

Bottom line:  If you get sick, who are you going to ask for help? A doctor or the Republican Party? My cancer surgery was a year ago this past Wednesday. It never occurred to me that AZ Senator Martha McSalley, an avid Trump acolyte, might have done a better job treating me than Mayo Clinic. Admittedly I went to three different doctors before I ended up at Mayo for the very reason you stated: Medical professionals don’t all agree with each other. But at least at Mayo, nobody on their staff told me my cancer was caused by demon sex or to take alien DNA to treat it. 


Trump listens to one person, Trump. Fingers in ears, la la la, I can't hear you.

+1 vote

Funny thing now that the lame stream media determines what is is.

You can’t call the 1918 pandemic- The Spanish Flu

Or The 1957 pandemic Asian

Remember Swine flu that originated with Swine? Who changed the name of that? PETA? It’s a politically incorrect joke, folks!!!!!

And now the China Virus is renamed by Nancy Pelosi as Trump’s!!  Remember her standing unmasked in China Town, San Francisco saying nothing to see here, all is well, “Come on Down”?

 If you mention Swine Flu are you piggist??

The Leftists have left us!

by (735,900 points)

Sounds like you're getting desperate.


It’s simply the best. Rename everything and throw out Webster’s dictionary. Call it the Democratic Dictionary or CNN’s modern rules for Nouns & Adjectives?

Lady slaps knee! Oh hell Blue you have too high an IQ not to see this little bitty one?

Remember the song... “The Name Game”? Back decades ago? Lol!!


I just have to see who is commenting to take it with a pinch of salt.


Just Relax and throw that pinch of salt over your shoulder!


I'm more laid back than most. Some find that annoying, especially the control freaks.


Actually laid back folk hypnotize me. I sometimes fail to understand how so little moves them to take action or even move.

At times I am unsure if they are dead or playing possum?


Just relax.


Wanna listen to Boney James with me?


Not really no.


Why do conservatives bring up what Pelosi did in February? Once she got more accurate information in March, she changed her tune. But Trump and the GOP are still saying what they said in February, even though they have been proven wrong. Why is that? Why was Pelosi wrong in February for saying the virus is NBD, but Trump isn’t wrong now for saying it? After 5 months of facts to prove him wrong, he didn’t change his mind until his poll numbers sank. 


Because it’s like pointing a laser at the wall for liberals. They run after it so hard they nearly break their necks.

Kinda like mentioning “delaying the election”? Right? That was a good one too!

Lady falls off her chair laughing!’


Dude. Trump supporters are in their own league. lol


So basically I’m right. Conservatives will do or say anything to upset liberals, even if it means they’re hurting themselves and their own families. I’m not sure how that’s funny. 


My sides are splitting.


Sorta like watching kitty jump off the dining room table into the wall.  A Masochistic game I do not advocate... but enjoyed by politicians on both sides of the fence!

Shite gets boring during Covid! You feel me?

"Why do conservatives bring up what Pelosi did in February?" -Because that drunken broad has been in politics for what, 40+ years and blames Trump (who has been in office for almost 4 years now) for problems that were never solved during her reign. That bitch needs to clean up the literal shit in her home state; can smell the homeless feces burning from here.

Spin and excuses. If Pelosi was a repub you'd be saying the Dems stopped her from solving problems for 40 years. You can contradict everything in politics.


Why would I need to blast Republicans on anything when 90% of the media does that 20 times before breakfast while ignoring the extreme bullshit on the left?


Some people just like the sound of their own voice.

Some people are immune to their own smell.

Some people just like to whine all day long.


I agree.

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