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shielding restrictions have been lifted so I went to my nephews home for coffee and it felt great..

Social distance rules were applied but something so simple and normal was just so pleasant after these lockdown months.

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5 Answers

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I'm enjoying the nice weather and spending some time in the back garden.

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Fairly pain free so far. I over ate. Grilled cheese sandwiches and a large bowl of Spring Mix salad with grated cheese and garbanzo beans.

Yes the beans were Goya and delicious!

Now my head is nodding and I will fall into a nap very shortly. Zzzzzzz......

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It’s really overcast here today and hotter than Hades. I think we’re going to have a monsoon event today - which is probably why I woke up with a stupid headache. Whenever the humidity and barometric pressure go up, my sinuses go wonky. 

We’re in a second wave of virus, everything is closed again, so there’s not much to do. I think I’m going to sit in front of the TV and binge-watch Disney animated movies today. They always make me smile. 

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My brother is visiting his son in southern CA, and everyday is around 115 degrees. He's in the desert. But it's very dry and not humid, so all their arthritis is gone for now. 

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Pretty pleasant.   Pretty bone idle too.

Got up at a reasonable hour.  But Sunday is eat a different breakfast and read the papers day.  The newspaper is delivered about 3 miles from the house, so we don't always get down there to get it, but on Sunday morning we always go get whatever is there, then sit and read them while we drink some coffee.  My back operation does not let me drive yet, or ride for that matter, so the wife went to collect the paper, wed, thurs, fri and Sunday this time.  I stayed at home and made french toast.  

Then showered and shave, light lunch, and thinking about something easy for the afternoon.

So, pleasant way to idle away the day.

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Mmm if you aren’t allowed to ride in a car how did you get home from the hospital?

I rode home in the car after my back fusion. My guy apologized for every pot hole on the freeway for thirty miles coming home. It was absolute HELL!


Necessary evil.  They didn't want me to stay in covid19 city, so I had to leave.  Unfortunately, it was about an hour and a half away.  The dr said I should stop every twenty minutes or so and get out and walk around.  We stopped twice.  It hurt worse to get out of the car than to ride in it.  The worst part is the dirt road.  The wife hit every pothole I think.  Only a mile and a half of dirt.

After the stitches are out, tuesday, I should be able to drive.

Short distances.

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I'm not sure what phase we are in, but I do know you aren't allowed to get inside any public place without a mask. And you need to call in before you come to a place ( bank, doctor, etc) so they can let you in. Only a number of people are allowed at a time, except for supermarkets. Some people still get close to you and do not stay 6 feet apart in stores. I find myself having to move when they come too close. Back in New Jersey they'd count people coming in and leaving stores. 

   My Sunday is fine. I made Kim chi. Some boxes are still about but they're things I don't really need now. 

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