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I'm fond of cycling and have taken it up over the past few months. 

However, it is HARD to enjoy because my eyes have to be open more for the drivers not paying attention than for myself! Today alone I had 10 close calls where they are all in the phone watching Facebook vids or texting and run past the crosswalk without turning. I mean damn... 

Are you a safe driver?

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4 Answers

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That is PRECISELY why I ride 99% of the time on bike trails, nearly all of them in the "Rails to Trails" family of bike paths.  

It's also why I absolutely LOVE Hilton Head!!!  The entire island is honeycombed with bike trails.  Hardly a day goes by when I am there that I am not out riding 10-25 miles.

Around here (Pittsburgh area), we are fortunate to have so many Rails to Trails.  Apart from that, more and more communities (and Pittsburgh is among them) are providing more and more bike lanes with wider and wider borders and more and more protections (signs, cones, bright yellow lines, small barriers, etc.).  

But I hear you.  Whenever I have to ride my bike on a road without bike lane markings, I'm nervous.  I have a rear view mirror attached beside my left handlebar grip, and I check it frequently.

Best of luck, King.  Ride on... and stay SAFE!

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Thanks Media. I love it, I truly do! I have a cruiser which is built for the roads. My dirt bike saw its last ride not too long ago and I had to switch trails to like a park or something. City rides require me having my head on a swivel!!

I did 13 miles yesterday and hope to get up in the 15-20 mile range soon.   


Mrs Media and I drove down to the South Side of Pittsburgh today and rode on the Allegheny Passage for a round trip of a little over 20 miles.  The beauty of the Rails to Trails is that most of them are pretty level.  There were a few steeper grades, though, and I was huffing and puffing on a couple of them.  Keep at it, King.  Enjoy!


Thanks Media! My purpose was to ramp up cardio. I like walking and some jogging but hate running..... so the cycling adds a new dimension of exercise I really am enjoying these days. 


That's great, King!  :-)  

Mine is a matter of necessity if I want to get exercise.  I can do an elliptical machine for 30-45 minutes without a problem (I have some serious back problems including sciatica), but I can't stand for over 15 minutes at a time in one spot or walk more than a couple of miles.  My two replacement knees won't let me run or jog, but biking seems to be magical for me.  I can do 28 miles at a time and still feel OK.  

Whenever we go to Colonial Williamsburg (I LOVE it there), we take our bikes, and I ride mine all over the Historic City.  I tell people it's my version of a wheelchair for me.  It gives me the flexibility to get all around to all the places I want to see without getting too tired, and then I can just ride around for a while to get in some extra exercise.  Perfect for me!

And that's why I love Hilton Head (we're here for the next week)--it's all paved level bike trails!

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Hey King! I hope you’re wearing a helmet while out biking!! Stay safe while you’re having fun. 

And yes I’m a safe driver. I’ve been in a few accidents (I’ve been driving for 47 years...) but I’ve never been found at fault for any of them. I try to give cyclists a wide berth - one wrong move and they can be squished by a car easily.  But I really hate it when bikers don’t follow the rules of the road. 

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I won't lie, I haven't. I have to custom order one for my big head (LOL)

Safe riding is key for both the cyclist and driver. I just find these days the drivers got their head buried in a phone and not watching shit. 


Distracted drivers are a menace to everyone but especially bikers and pedestrians! 


There really isn't any protection for us and I'm not about to willingly take any hit, especially after injuring my back in that car accident a few years ago. Hospital stints and rehab is NOT fun. 

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That's the problem. Other road users.

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It's crazy
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Yes, at least I sure try to be.  Be careful out there and if areas prove to be unsafe to ride in avoid them.  Unfortunately, cars tend to do much better in car/bike accidents than bikes.

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Yes, I'm aware cars come out better than bikes vitually 100% of the time.

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