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About six months ago when school was still happening and stuff I was r*ped by my English teacher.... I didn’t tell anyone because I thought I would get called a slut and my mum would be disgusted. He told me I was “too young for anything to happen” so we didn’t use protection. About a few months ago I missed my period and I didn’t really think anything of it because, I just thought my cycle could be irregular. But every month since then I have been missing my period. I noticed my clothes were getting slightly tighter around my mid section And my usual flat stomach had a very noticeable bump on it . I’ve been feeling nauseous. And around a month ago I took 3 pregnancy tests and they all came out positive. I told my therapist because she was like my best friend and i trusted her, and she took me to the doctors. They confirmed my pregnancy and told me something that made everything worse, it was that I was having twins... I’m currently 5 months pregnant. My stomach is massive and 90 percent of my clothes don’t fit.My baggy clothes don’t hide my bump anymore and  I Usually have to stretch jumpers over my stomach even though it’s the middle of summer. To be honest I’m surprised I’ve hidden it this long but last night my mum pulled me aside to talk about my weight gain, she told me I looked like a cow and my stomach was huge. She told me she was embarrassed to have a whale as a daughter and I needed to get rid of this weight immediately. She then proceeded to pull jumper and shout at me for getting extremely fat. She dragged me upstairs and put me on the scale. When she saw my weight she shouted, “YOU HAVE GAINED 15 KG ELIZA! THIS IS OUT OF CONTROL” she then left me alone. I cried practically all night. And I know if I don’t tell her I’m pregnant and I keep gaining weight she is going to keep screaming at me. But she is extremely strict and would kick me out if she found out I was pregnant, my therapist will tell my mum if I tell her about last night so I have no idea what to do. I’m stuck. And I’m so so scared

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6 Answers

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Yes you were raped, that is not your fault, at 13 whatever the scenario with your teacher means you were raped.

You won't be able to hide it forever so you need to tell a grown up like your therapist.

I'd like to say something comforting like your mother may surprise you and show love at support but your description of how she reacted cause she thought you were fat explains, in part, why you need a therapist.

You need pre natal care to make sure you and the twins are healthy and its possible that you won't go to full term with twins and you all will need specialist care.

You need to tell your therapist as soon as possible to get you the support you need and to work through your options. You won't feel so scared once you tell someone.

Good luck

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What a can of worms, sorry to say.

If you are 13 the 1st thing you need to do is contact the police.  Your teacher needs to be jailed for sex with a minor

Now you need prenatal care, medical care and a plan,  See if you therapist can help you.

You need to break this to your mom, asap.  Again you may need your therapists help.  You will also need a plan on this one as well.  This plan will need to include alternate living arrangements if your mom kicks you out.

Take care of yourself and good luck

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It's not your fault. Get help. The first person I would ask is your doctor. Do not be afraid. And your Mother may well go off the deep end by the sound of it but again that is her problem not yours. Also, the person that did this to you has broken the law big time. You need to report him. However, I do understand this is all not going to be easy for you. So be brave.

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Well, that sucks.  You have been given good advice.

Tell your mother first.  The whole sad miserable story.

Tell the police.  In most places 13 is younger than the age of consent for sex, so the guy is in trouble.

Talk to the therapist about people and places that you can go for more help.

It will be easy to prove paternity via DNA testing.

You are the victim of a crime.

Good luck.

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I’m so sorry this happened to you. You absolutely must have your teacher arrested - for his crime against you and to protect other girls from him. 

And you need to tell your mom. Perhaps your therapist or doctor could be with you for support when you tell her. If she does throw you out there are shelters and government agencies with whom your therapist can put you in touch. 

Also  I’d like to add an alternative that no one else has mentioned: I don’t know where you live but  in the US a pregnancy can legally be terminated through 5 months. Even the most conservative states with tough. anti-choice laws have exemptions for rape. I would think the UK’s policies can’t be too far removed from those of the US. 

Whatever you decide to do I wish you good luck. 

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I'm so sorry this has happened to you.  I think you've gotten some good advice here already.  

Please do consider an abortion if you're okay with that.  Otherwise, adoption would be the way to go if you ask me.  In my honest opinion at 13 you're in no position to be a single mother of two babies.  Adoption would be better not just for you but for the babies as well.

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