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I’m completely clueless on this guy’s behavior or what is even going on. Why would a guy seem friendly with he wanted to be friends or more...then basically push you away? We live in the same neighborhood and went to the same gym. Quarantine happened and we hung out once. I thought we were friends. I mean we would always talk when we seen each other. Nothing happened between us. 

But then he slowly started saying less and less to me when he seen me. Got to the point where he just started waving and then where he wouldn’t say anything at all. But yet, he still looked at me as he went by. He wouldn’t say anything...just looked. I got to where I didn’t say anything either because I’m just the type where if you don’t want to talk to me, then I’m not talking to you. But it hurts. It really does. He’s a cool guy. Well, about 3 days ago I was walking in the neighborhood and he came up behind me and actually spoke to me. This was the first time in weeks he’s spoke to me. He said hello and kept going. I walked a little further and he came back towards me. As he was going past, he said a little more. I started talking and he got the biggest smile on his face. He didn’t stop. We talked as we walked past one another. I was thinking everything was going to be ok then. 

I seen him the next night and thought to myself, maybe I should say something to him first. I miss him. So I said hello as he was riding his bike by. He hesitated and just waved. He did not look at me and he kept going. I just don’t understand what happened or what is going on with him. He seemed happy when I spoke with him the other night. But I don’t get why he’s treating me like this.

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3 Answers

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Could be many reasons. But here's one for you. Rejection. It's a killer. If you don't give someone the opportunity, they can't say no.

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So is he rejecting me or is he scared I would reject him?

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Hanging out with a person once or exchanging small talk while he bikes past you doesn’t mean you’re friends. It doesn’t sound like he wants to put any effort into knowing you. His behavior hurts because you’ve interpreted your minor interactions with him to mean more than they are

Quit wasting your energy thinking about him.    
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This is the typical back and forth of "he likes me... does he like me? .... he might like me... he might not like me... should I talk to him?... should I give him the silent treatment?... he smiled at me and I smiled back... I smiled at him and he didn't smile back..."

It's a dance that has been going on since the first time a girl in grade school said, "I think Billy likes you because he pulled your hair..."

It's part of growing up.  Let it ride.  Relax.  Be yourself.  Don't behave differently on any given day.  Say hello, and if he answers, good.  Say hello, and if he doesn't answer, also good. Live your life.  Don't sweat the small stuff.  And trust me... this is small stuff in the long run.

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