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Don't slap any Nuremberg Laws on me. Cuz I'm white. what I've been hearing already talked about racial laws in America which they mean against white people course. I'm not joking watch out the Third Reich is coming and it's going to be wearing a big Progressive smile

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This was a feature previously for embarrassing questions only. It got abused and therefore removed.

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You may be riight, I believe the US is on the verge of a civil war

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You think so?

Which side is the US Military going to be on?  It will be a short war, and the military side wins.

Shooting women and kids is not as hard as shooting tanks and planes.  

I actually think you might be right, but I don't know which side the military will be on.  My guess is the far right authoritarian side.  

A little night bombing, nerve gas, and lining people up to be shot and it will be over pretty quickly.  

The military will carry out whatever commands the president gives them. Antifa (terrorists) got a taste of their beloved communism when our military "kidnapped" them --Obama's NDAA that libertarians and some conservatives barked about in 2012, authorized the military to "detain US citizens indefinitely". Democrats defended the bill saying "bUt tHe TrOOps NeEd tO gEt pAiD!" 

In that case, it will be a short war.  

especially since the new president is not going to be an asshole.  


Try to leave this comment three times and it just keeps jumping off of the page and I'll lose it. Prove that the right is authoritarian I'll prove that the left is I do it right now but I've already done it three times


these are the words of the right wing in the U S. Thoroughly hateful words. These are the trump cult, every thing I've ever said about these ejits has been validated by this post and the right wing responses.. 

Yup, I was right all along.


Looks like we have another stable genius.


Yes, I cant wait to hear how his colour has disadvantaged him in America.

Stand by for more white privalage 

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Just stop apologizing to the left wing mob/cancel culture - the right has gotten weak and they're more afraid of being called a racist by Don Lemon & friends than they are about tackling real issues. 

by (20,830 points)



The right had the majority - POTUS, House, Senate -  for 2 years and did nothing but give mega millionaires a tax break. I don’t think that complete abdication of responsibility was caused by Don Lemon being mean to them. 


"& friends" -- as I said, the right has gotten weak and what's left of these assholes are RINOs who are career politicians. They're useless and unprincipled, and afraid to stand up against democrats out of fear of being labeled a 'racist' --they're called racist no matter what so I don't see where the fear is coming from...unless they're afraid of the left-mob coming after their families like they did with Tucker Carlson. 


The right have made major gains across Europe and around the world. Top tip, that's not a good thing.


Liberty sounds terrifying...then you realize Communism, which the far left openly embraces, has killed hundreds of millions more.

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Here a nice shirt you can wear to the next club gathering.  I'm sure you'll be the envy of your Boogaloo buddies.

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Boogaloo, they try to make them sound warm and cuddley then go to peaceful protests and start shit so the morons on the right have someone to hate.

Like they  needed Anymore

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Seriously AOR mates, do I need to read this shit? 

Life is too short, you all can give me the SP and save my time 

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