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+2 votes

Clandestine. Do you know the meaning? This is an easy one. 

   Hint: Trump should know the meaning! 

in Daily Life by (933,440 points)

3 Answers

+1 vote

There was no collusion.

by (3,884,471 points)

Trump thinks that’s why his auto insurance is so inexpensive. 

+1 vote

It means sneaky/ secret - usually it describes something sketchy like an extra marital affair or spies or something like that. 

by (2,344,340 points)

Yes. It means secretive. Good for you!

+1 vote

I honestly have only heard of it used ewith meeting.

Secret meeting

by (749,060 points)

It would be used in a sentence as  "They held a clandestine meeting.". Good! 

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