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So this guy I've known him to. see him messaged me and I'm laid up and I had nothing else to do... we started talking ... talking turned into sexting(which I had never done prior) I was blushing! I'm picky on who I see... we were getting hot and heavy in the sexting (well I did my best for a 1st timer)Friday night everything was good he even said good night to me.....So he wanted to know my fantasy so I wrote it in a msg well short story lol about one of my fantasy....I  sent him this and then he stopped talking to me after that.....I was confused.... this week he unfriended me on fb .... I called his cell phone and asked for him to re add me....he added me so i can only see our convosand his fb pg but i cant msg him from any of the accounts but i dont want to air our dirty laundry...I respect him too much as that is his livelihood...but I can't  being ignored by him we both haven't had sex in a while for us.... now I want him and he's a red head so he has a temper.....I was driving past his office which is normally closed but the dog walker was to pick up.the dog .... I thought I'll surprise him and pop in...... so I asked the dog walker if he was in the office but he said no he went to the city .... after that is when he blocked me on FB.... sorry it's a little mixed up ... we have a 7 yr difference between us... but his ex girlfriends have been older plus sized women..... I sent him a message on the answering machine telling him that I would really like to talk to him and straighten things out and that I sent him text msgs to make sure that they don't go lost in the "other " box. I miss talking to him sooo bad ......any advice?

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Sounds like he's no longer interested. Time to move on.

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For whatever reason, he has lost interest in you completely and views you as a non-person for him.  He either got what he wanted from the sexting session and doesn't really see a future in continuing to get his jollies from sexting with you.... OR... he feels badly about having sexting with you and is beating himself up over having lost his self-control and is embarrassed by it ....  OR... your fantasy is something he found repugnant, and he decided to cut and run rather than continue a relationship with you.

ONE of those is the reason, most likely.  My bet is on #1.

Whichever one is the reason, there really isn't a "path back to him" for you.  Move on.  Keep your sexting to yourself unless and until you know someone well and feel a level of trust that FAR exceeds what you felt with this ding dong.

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Yep.  That covers it well.  Nothing I've got to add to that.

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