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I was hoping to reconnect with some from the old site. I was under the same name there. I didn't have many then or the guts to show pics of my wife's body back then. Now I want to find members or a discrete site to show off my wife's body a bit. Does anyone remember me? Or know of any places?


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8 Answers

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I dont remember you or your wife's body and I have no idea why you would think we would want to see your wife's body.

But thats just me.

by (3,008,370 points)

Ok cool I don't remember you either. 

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I seem to have been here forever.  But I don't seem to remember you.  I don't remember a lot theses days.  Lol

However, I am always interested in seen naked pictures.  Lol

by (1,515,990 points)
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Do not post them here, please. 

by (2,424,590 points)

lol Right.

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Sorry I don't remember you.  I believe Pornhub accepts naked pictures and videos.?

by (952,310 points)
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Be very careful about displaying anyone’s picture that falls under the Revenge Porn Law. Depending on your state’s law you may be facing a felony.

While you have not said these pictures are sexually explicit you seem to be trying to lead others to believe this is what you are suggesting.

I was on the other site for years and don’t recall you.

by (775,460 points)
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Nope... don't recognize the name.  Sorry.
Points of interest (to me, anyway):  
discrete: individually separate and distinct (Example: Brown and white rice are two discrete varieties.)
discreet: careful and circumspect in one's actions to avoid offending others (Example: He discreetly signaled his brother that his fly was open.)
by (805,920 points)
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what the hell is wrong with you?!  does you wife want HER body shown off?  Are you two seeking swingers??..if so state that...otherwise you just look like an idiot...

by (20,650 points)
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Been around for years and I'm not familiar with you. 

Also, be mindful of the audience you post her pics to.

by (1,186,770 points)
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