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So.. I’m a pregnant teen who was r@pes by this dude named John and he keeps like touching my stomach and following me around everywhere, it scares me... I can’t even report him because he has a video of him r@ping me and is threatening me to post it... what do I do?

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7 Answers

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I say report it.  If he posts the video it would be like him admitting guilt, putting the nail in his own coffin.
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Report him.  It is a bluff.  Even if it is not, it identifies him as the father and a rapist.  His reputation suffers much more than yours.  Report him, go to a lawyer, lock his ass up.

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Report him it is called Extortion and adds another felony charge to rape.

By report him, I mean police not school authorities. I don’t trust school authorities but that another conversation we can have sometime.

If you are underage younger than 18 and he older. Age difference is defined by law. He may be guilty of statutory rape.

The police will collect a statement from you and go from there.

You don’t have to live like this.

Are you in the UK or US?


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Report this to the authorities.  He will be arrested, and the video he made will be confiscated.  A savvy district attorney will prosecute and will have a way to keep the video out of the public eye.

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Tell a trusted adult - and the police - everything you just told us. And consider termination. A rapist doesn’t deserve to have his genes passed on. 

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I'm sorry this happened to you. But you aren't alone. Many crimes such as rape go unreported for different reasons. You need to report him to the police,  and if you told hospital personnel or anyone else about it all the better for you. Report him so he doesn't repeat his offenses. Get a protection order while you are at it so he cannot come near you anymore. 

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Yes report it. But keep in-mind it's not going to be easy and the system is not set up to help the victim of rape many times. There has been a high profile case recently that showed rapists get away with murder because they claim the victim liked rough sex.

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