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I'm worried I might be one. Like, why does it sound bad?

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Well, *I* am not a suburban woman.  Trump has been doing his fear-mongering towards "suburban housewives," letting them know in no uncertain terms that he won't allow any low-income housing into the suburbs.

If you're not familiar with "the suburbs" and their origin and development, here's a quick history:

The first real American suburbia was a builder's project called Levittown in New York.  Initially, these homes were made available only to WHITE veterans returning from WWII.  Eventually, others were allowed to buy suburban homes, but they had to be WHITE as well.  This if pretty much the definition of "systemic racism" in the United States.

Now there may be those reading this who will become outraged over this "wild claim" I'm making, but it's the truth. In fact, the very DEEDS to the homes themselves--which still survive, by the way, as they have been passed on from one owner to the next--define the racism:  "The Tenant agrees not to permit the premises to be used or occupied by any other persons than members of the Caucasian race."  That's from a 1948 lease, folks.  It's official.

Other "new suburbs" that sprang up not only forbid the sale and use of the property to non-whites, but they also limited the sale to those who were non-Jewish.  In 1950, the Supreme Court declared the covenants enforceable... but it still exists in many of the original deeds that have been passed on.  

The "safe, white" suburbs have been the continued target of Trump's harangues.  When he says they won't have "low income housing" allowed, he's not only blowing the "dog whistle;" he's playing the entire racist symphony.  Translation: "Don't worry, white women in the suburbs.  I'll keep them white for you." 

Now if you feel safe in suburbia and feel threatened by the possibility that someone who is not white might move into your neighborhood, then you're one of the "suburban housewives" that Trump and the Republicans are aiming for.

Will it work?  I sure hope not.

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*low income* doesn’t define race.

Building *low income housing* in the suburbs was Obama’s thing. Except he never pushed that idea in Martha’s Vineyard or Malibu.

Yes, white real estate agents in the 40’s -60’s often didn’t *show* white homes to other races. Blacks didn’t have the right to vote or eat in a white restaurant.

America has a lot of growing to do, but  racists on both sides prefer division.

You won’t hear anyone ascribe another race but white as being *racist* Now that’s odd and no one addresses it.

Trump doesn’t have to terrify women. They see the uncivil unrest going on in our country and they are chilled to the bone. Yes, suburban women go into the cities to go to college,work, shop and travel. No one wants to come to a standstill on a freeway with folks blocking the road. 

Sad sad situation.


You BET it's a sad, sad situation.  Trump looks around at the condition of our country and asks us to imagine what America will look like if terrible Joe Biden is elected, with pictures of protests and federal troops throwing tear gas into demonstrators, etc.  Then he promises us -- as he did in 2016 -- that stuff like that will NEVER happen in an America with Trump as President.  

Of course, the images he shows us are all from ... uh... well... an America where Trump IS President.


Sad indeed.

And... just to be clear... my post was about the ORIGIN and DEVELOPMENT of "the suburbs," not a current evaluation.

Of course, if we want to look at more recent examples of racism in housing ...  Let's look at the Trump properties in the 60s and 70s, when Donald was running the business with his father, Fred.  There were several investigations and federal lawsuits brought against the Trumps because they refused rental to black applicants for their apartments.  Not EVERY black person was refused.  I know when to give credit, so here it is: By 1967, investigators discovered that out of 3700 apartments being rented out at Trump Village... SEVEN were occupied by African-Americans.  SEVEN.  Probably only a coincidence that (if we round UP), that means less than 2/10ths of one percent of the apartments were rented by blacks.  But... no discrimination there.  Company policy, it would seem, was "to rent only to 'Jews and executives'."


(Building *low income housing* in the suburbs was Obama’s thing.)

Oh, please. That's just so incorrect. 

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Most women are suburban women.  It's sort of a catch all between being urban or rural.  tRump just wants people to think angry mobs of "socialist" are coming to burn down their neighborhoods unless he gets re-elected.  The bad part is you're scared the bad guys are coming and only tRump can save you, at least according to him. 

by (944,630 points)

Thanks, what a relief, im not that woman. I've met some though.

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Either way Belle you should be quite safe! You don’t live in any of the major cities being sieged in the US. Only Kenosha,Wi is not a major city.

That’s a lot of water to span and hopefully during strife your police are not asked to stand down.

All it takes is for a policeman to shoot someone of color and your  business area will be looted and burned.

If you come out of the wrong political meeting you will be made to run the gauntlet.

Yes, suburban women view this on tv and are terrified regardless of their political party.

It’s quite sad that society has spiraled out of control. Our children are afraid of the rioters now. The young children can’t even say who the rioters are. Some are terrified of police.It’s on all the cable news channels 24x7! Be terrified regardless of who you are is a terrible way to live. I think the election will reflect it too!

by (749,060 points)

Are you one lady? Are you a representative of a suburban woman? Its still unclear what qualifies as a suburban woman


Yes, I would now be defined as suburban. Racists would try to define me as a Karen but I am not.

I have lived a good part of my life in the city and the rest in *suburbia*

I worked in a major city in the early 70’s downtown. Not my cup of tea but that too was a time of unrest. I was born in LA,California.

I live in a very safe area now but that wasn’t always the case

For some reason drive-by’s are not my thing!


That's fine. To me you're an enigma. No matter what the issue of the day is you have experience in that field. I take your word for it


Suburbs are an outlying are of a town or city. Mostly residential. Usually  they are supported by grocery markets, gas stations, banks a small restaurants or drive through restaurants.


of course they are but how does that morph into a voting block?


Not all that unusual amongst my friends who have travelled and lived life extensively. Unlike many I grew up with who stayed in their suburban area and lived and stayed in one town all their lives and got married to someone  from their high school. 

For some reason my friends and I seemed to be drawn together and upon discussion found we had a lot in common.

No we weren’t all the same race,religion or political party. Imagine that!


Again that's admiral but still avoids my question. 


I don’t think it morphs into a voting block. I haven’t seen anyone starting up Mother’s Against Riots.

However women often decide how to vote based on how they individually interpret what best for their family ie children. Safety,economics, school choice,education. Violence and rioting is bound to be figured into their calculus. Just my humble opinion.

I think you'll find mothrrs did hold  the line in the recent protest in Portland 
 In fact I would suggest that woman are the driving force on protests against police brutality.


Yes protests are great. But what I was talking about was rioting, looting, burning, violence and death. 

I was in no way trying to conflate the two as a voting issue.

Yes, women protest many issues they feel near and dear too.

We in the Us are celebrating our 100 year anniversary of Women’s right to vote!

Lady does the Happy Dance!


And yet you ignore  half a century of equal rights protests. 


Oh no not ignoring them just not listing all women’s issue protests.

I was here for most of the issues. I was born in 1953.

I had a seat at the table for civil rights and therefore grew up young in the issue!

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To add to Medias excellent answer, I'm going to ask you, Belle, if they have that terminology in the UK. A suburb, more simply put, is a town or small city close to a larger metropolis. If you live in Westfield, NJ, a much smaller town by comparison to New York or to Newark in New Jersey, you're living in a suburb. A suburban housewife can live anywhere in small towns close to larger cities. 

   Trump is showing his true colors when he assures these women, for sure. Again. But some people are happy about that. 

by (933,440 points)

Yes we have suburbs, my question was really tounge in cheek as Suburban Housewife is such an insulting stereotype I wondered how it would be answered and by whom.

I live 5 miles outside of Glasgow but I dont live in that region. I live in South Lanarkshire which has a couple of large towns. In that respect I'm not in a suburb as such, however I'm not urban either 

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In trumps world, white women who live out of the center of the city i.e. The subburbs, who don't work and only want to worry about staying home, looking good for the husband, cooking dinner for the kids, and screwing the pool boy, are suburban housewives.  He believes that they are a mindless scared lot.

For the most part, these people don't really exist.  Almost everyone works in the city, is exposed to current afairs, and knows that the protests would stop if the police could stop shooting unarmed black  people in the back.  

by (1,448,110 points)
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