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Is there a Minister of Race Relations?

:serious question:

in Politics by (757,640 points)

2 Answers

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Involving the community and education. There's also legislation, race relations act and discrimination. The workplace being a hot spot. There's a minister for everything, but contacting your MP is very easy these days.

by (3,925,111 points)
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There is legislation and a minister as Blue said but it doesn't work. 

Scotland is 92% white snd the other countries in the UK are up in the 90s too

In Scotland there is no systemic institutional racism but the people are ignorant and in 2020 you will still hear someone ask a Black person where they are from. And when you challenge them they blame you saying it was only you that mentioned racism!!!@ ffs.

In London there is a big problem driven by the same reasons as everywhere. Poverty, lack of education, lack of choices. A black person is more likely to be stopped by the police in stop and search and there is the same suspicion and lack of trust in the police but they dont shoot black boys for sport.

Some people try to say there is no racism here, they are either asleep or lying, however, it could be because my son is black that I see it.

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