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When did you find out the truth?

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4 Answers

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One weird thing that happened, was that Trump, a celebrity who had(s) no idea about politics, became a politician. Now that's what I call weird, besides dangerous. 

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Organized religion. I was raised with it, but the older I got and the more knowledge I acquired, the more I realized it’s nothing but a huge scam to control the masses and make money. It’s humanity’s oldest, most effective con-job. 

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I encountered a person that wears socks with sandals.

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Stephen King does this all the time. I think it's cool that he doesn't care who sees him. 


Stephen King is The Shit!!

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Lady here is one I will never forget and it still goes on to this day.

In Thailand and other parts of SE Asia families will sell excess daughters into sexual slavery. They get an initial Virgin price and take a cut off her earnings until she dies or returns home with AIDS. 

I always thought that this was weird because a family selling  member was something which appalled me.  As I got to know the customs and values this was very normal behavior.  These excess daughters were prized because they were a future income stream for the families.  It allowed them to move up, afford a Truck/Motorbike/etc.

Malaysia, Viet Nam, Cambodia, Laos and others in the region participate in this trade.

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When I worked for Max Factor I was asked to supervise the Asian assembly line. It was called Asian due to the fact the Asian women had small tiny hands and fingers. They were exceptionally adept at assembling perfume collar labels etc.

They also were most content speaking their natural language. They however communicated with me in English. As they opened up about their families abroad they spoke of extreme poverty.  All of these women had married US military who were stationed at the airbase a short distance from the cosmetics facility. They sent large amounts of their salaries back home. They spoke of widespread prostitution but never mentioned if they themselves had or if they married the GI’s for love or money. They did speak of their husbands being put out with them if the sent too much back home.

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