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And why were you called that?

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2 Answers

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I've had a few uncomplimentary nicknames given to me by the kids who taunted and bullied me in my youth, but I think I'll skip those...

When I was playing on the basketball team in junior high, one of my friends started calling me "Birdie" because when I took a jump shot, I would bring both arms down from the apex of the jump as if they were "wings" (according to my friend, anyway).  So he thought "Birdie" would be a good nickname for me.  Although he persisted in using it for a couple of weeks, it didn't catch on.

My students have had nicknames for me, and some of those weren't mean... LOL.  One year, one of my more precocious students in my Publications class decided she was going to call me by my first name, but I put a stop to that right away.  She just wouldn't give up, though, until she found a "unique" name to call me. Lots of the kids called me "Mr. H" (I know you're wondering why... LOL), so I figured she would be content with that, but no.  She decided to just call me "H."

She kept at it, and eventually, most of the kids picked it up in my Publications class, but then it spread to my English classes as well.  I figured it would die out eventually, but it didn't.  After a while, I realized I was stuck with it when a kid came into my class from the office and said, "Mr. H, the principal sent this down for you..."  One of my students took the office aide aside and said to him, "Don't call him that.  Just call him "H."  He gets mad if you call him Mr. H."   :-)

Even the guidance counselor, still a good friend in our mutual retirements, will occasionally send me a text in which he calls me "Aitch!"  

But these days, no nicknames except from my grandchildren, who call me G-Pop.

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Nel...I have no idea why.

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