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If the search engine had a particular political preference couldn’t they control information available to it’s citizens?

Could that be the equivalent of digital *book burning*?

Your thoughts?

in Daily Life by (749,060 points)

3 Answers

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Most search engines use Google as the back-end.

by (3,884,471 points)
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It is in the tradition of newspapers and magazines with a political bias.  Or news channels.  Neither fair nor balanced.  But it is traditional.  

There is no rule that newspapers or tv channels should be fair and balanced.  They all have a political adgenda.  Bing, or google, or facebook just select stuff from other biased sources and present it. 

The books are not burned, just left in the box.  You could get someone else to sift thru them for you.

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Not really. Because the information is still out there - you just have to make sure you do your own homework and check various sources. 

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