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Or just making sure he won't go to jail just yet...

    I got this in an email by a Trump campaigned. How they got my address is a mystery. 

Have you had a chance to check out our HUGE Labor Day Sale?

As we get closer to the most important Election of our lifetime, we want to make sure President Trump’s BEST supporters, like YOU, Amy, have all the Trump gear you need.

For a limited time, YOU can use code TRUMP30 to get 30% OFF your favorite Trump 2020 gear.

Remember, this is the ONLY Official Trump Campaign Store. Don’t wait to shop the sale!

    PS. I opted to unsubscribe and reason, I put was I wasn't a supporter. 

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3 Answers

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I've gotten on their mailing list too and not sure how.  They've even sent me a few business reply, postage paid envelopes to send back donations in.  I've filled them with about a bucks worth of pennies as a donation and sent them back, figuring the postage they'll have to pay on it will run way over the amount I'm sending.  Figure I'm getting the tRump campaign to support the post office this way.

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Good one.  I will have to remember that.  Lol.  I have a lot of pennies.


Good one, Grin! 

    They did want me to respond back with phone number, zip code and reason for not funding. I put in my zip, and sent my name as NoneofyourEffing Business. :)

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I am on their email list.  I don't know why.  I sometimes send them some profanities.

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I do too!!

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You do realize he is not mailing these out himself don’t you.

Perhaps you think Melania is licking all the envelopes?

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tRump thinks email requires envelope licking?  

Melania doesn't lick anything of Donnie's, so, I don't know, maybe Ivanka?  

Campaign donations overpay some tRump donor's shell company to take care of this.  They've also used $58 Million of campaign contributions to cover tRump's attorney fees.


Lady, I realize he himself is not mailing these out. He had other members of his own brainwashed cult do the work for him.

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