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I am now a completely different person to the one I was yesterday. I am emotionally intelligent. 

in Daily Life by (4,260 points)

4 Answers

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Good for you?

by (747,220 points)
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You must have an IQ of 300.

by (3,884,471 points)
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I assume you're asking how you can use your emotional intelligence judging from what you wrote later. I know that there is an intelligence that is part of IQ, being what you're asking about. That intelligence deals with how well you perceive others when you are with them. That is, how they are feeling at that moment or the vibes you can pick up about them. The higher the score the higher your EI.  If you're empathic you can tell a lot just by talking to others, so you know how to approach them or help them, etc. Anyway, that category of intelligence measures just that. 

by (933,440 points)
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If you’re a completely different person today than you were yesterday, I think that’s called “schizophrenia.” 

by (2,344,340 points)
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