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I'm sure someone is gullible enough.

in Politics by (3,925,111 points)

4 Answers

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He didn’t want to scare us, so he let 180,000 of us get sick and die. Yeah, that makes perfect sense - to a Trump supporter. 

by (2,376,790 points)

It's over 191,000 now, though... :-(

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I think he thought he could schmooze Bob Woodward as he has schmoozed countless others.  He really BELIEVES he can get anyone to come around to his way of thinking if he can just sit down and work his personal magic with them.  That's why he refuses to prepare or to allow himself to be briefed on meetings with foreign leaders.  He thinks he can just "wing it" and make it work.  That's exactly what he said and did with Kim Jong Un... and he believes his efforts worked unbelievably well, despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

by (768,340 points)

You nailed it. Trump has an inflated opinion of his own intelligence while also believing everyone else is stupid. He’s surrounded himself with “yes men” his entire life and he really thinks all those people were dazzled by his silver tongue con-jobs, not realizing they were laughing at him all the way to the bank.  He underestimates everyone else and makes himself into a laughingstock - one who is too dumb to know he’s being ridiculed. 

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He didn't want to cause a panic with a deadly virus, he preferred using black and brown people moving into your nice white neighbourhood. He preferred calling Mexicans rapists and murderers who were swarming over the border. . He preffered telling white woman gangs were coming to rape their daughter.

He is not an equal opportunity panicker

by (2,967,170 points)
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The truth is, he was warned in January by health organizations about a possible risk we faced in the states that was coming from China. It was documented that they had warned him. So what does he do? He doesn't believe it or takes it seriously, and goes out to play golf at Maralago or whatever it's called. He was too busy playing golf to deal with the warnings. This man DESERVES to get sick himself from  the neglect  that  caused the country to be worse off than it should have been. 

by (966,590 points)
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