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+1 vote

Would you buy an apartment in an old high-rise building with lots of issues (needing repairs)  if that’s all you can afford? Or would you rather pay overpriced rent instead?

in Finances by (7,330 points)

3 Answers

+2 votes

I wouldn't buy anything with lots of issues unless I had the money to fix the issues.

by (2,945,140 points)

which i doubt you have

On what criteria do you base that comment? Just curious...
+2 votes

If I could afford to pay for the necessary repairs, sure. Otherwise I’d keep renting. 

by (2,357,450 points)
0 votes

Well, if you can't afford anything more...  that sort of answers the question right there, doesn't it?  If you can't afford it, you wouldn't buy it...?

by (756,620 points)
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