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Nineteen years ago today, on my way to school, I was struck by how beautiful the day was. Not a cloud in the sky. I always had a camera in my car (yearbook pictures), and I actually stopped the car in South Park and got out to take a picture of how stunningly beautiful the sky was. The clearest blue and bright sky I had ever seen.
Lord, be with us all as we remember those who were lost, the families who suffered, and the nation that still grieves today
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WE sat in the office and watched in awe - not one of us believed it was real at 1st

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I was teaching a Journalism I class (mostly freshmen). We kept the TV on, and it became an authentic live news story for them to “cover.” I asked them, “All right, you’re there as a reporter. What would you do next?”
As the morning wore on, they accurately predicted what the coverage would be, what the “next” set of coverage would be (transition from falling towers tape to coverage of first responders to interviews with eye witnesses to analysis of who would have been in the building(s), etc.) 
This kept the kids at arm’s length from the personal emotions and made them think of it in terms of importance of “news coverage.”  It gave them a "framework" to put the events in perspective.
I was proud of them as they responded with maturity and reflection. Freshmen. Wow. What great kids!
Later in the day I was in the office helping parents who came in for their kids. I was so busy being “a calming presence” for the kids that day while at the same time terribly worried about my oldest son who was supposed to be on a plane out of Philadelphia; and trying to assure my youngest son (a student at Ohio University) that we were safe (all they heard on the news was that a plane crashed just south of Pittsburgh...)
I didn’t have an emotional response for about 2 weeks. Then, on a Saturday morning, I wept quietly, all alone, for about half an hour. I couldn’t stop sobbing over the tragic loss of life.
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I actually think about that day quite often. Our lives have never been the same. Beyond tragic. I don’t have the words. 

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I remember that day as well. Beautiful, crisp and cool. Later, not believing what was happening and working frantically amid chaos in school to have parents pick up their kids. Let us never forget that tragic day. :( 

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Image may contain: sky, cloud and outdoor, text that says 'One Nation Under God'

This picture was taken outside the high school where I taught not long after 9/11.

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