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Im not complaining though, I'd rather be safe than sorry.

Although I cant wait till year 1AC

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Sorry to hear that Belle, but you're right in staying safe than being sorry. So far in NJ, I know 3 people who had it, and a cousin of mine in Texas. You never know where it will pop up. 

   I have not been so careful.  I've been driving places to get things I don't really need, but everyone here is wearing a mask, whereas 3 months ago masks weren't mandatory. I also had to bring in the dog for his surgery, something that needed to be done. 

So now I am hunkering down because I don't want to get sick before the holidays or my birthday. Things are mostly closed anyway except for stores and restaurants. Most restaurants have outdoor dining and not indoor although a few have indoor. 

   Take care, read a good book if you have one. Stay safe. 

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Thanks Amy. I have books and TV catch up. I have also been painting by numbers. Its so relaxing. Best thin I've ever done on the Internet 


I have my art supplies box open now. Time to sketch again. Maybe water coloring as well. It IS so relaxing, right. 

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Safety comes first. I'm glad you can do it. I'm gonna wait it out until they get a vaccine. No matter what rules they come out with. I go out for essential shopping only, late at night when there's less people about.

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Me too,but i was going to see my dad and I had a lunch out once, fortunately there has been 14 days since then and I'm okay 

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I had been careful.  And then it was my birthday and went to a friends house for some beer and food.  Hopefully, I will survive it. 

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My BFF is coming over again late today to watch some shows on Netflix. I've had her here the last 2 Saturdays as well. We don't hug or get too close, but it's nice to spend time with a friendly face! So far, we're both still healthy. 

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