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7 Answers

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OMG.  Nothing.  So far this year I bought a new car, a used tractor wnd implements, and two weeks ago the refrigerator died and we had to buy a new one.  There is an appliance shortage in the US.  I bought the only one that I found.

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A car, but as long as my SUV is working well I will keep it. Besides, and I hate to think of it this way...I don't want to carry the dog in a new car because of his hair, and nails that have scratched the at the inner fender when he jumps off. 

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Two more degrees, an undergrad certificate to knock out a couple of prerequisites and then my Masters. Should be around $8k when I'm done. 
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Good for you!!  For an $8,000 investment, you will reap the benefits the rest of your life. Education is never wasted, whether you use it for a job, or just for the sake of knowledge. Good luck! 

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Nothing I hope. The last couple years I replaced the windows in a 50 yr old home, remodeled the kitchen and bought a car. Oh and replaced the leaking roof but the insurance took care of the cost. I’m done for this decade I hope!

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Not much we can think of. 

1. Both cars are under 10 years old and low mileage. So at least 5 years at least

2. Haus is in good shape, no repairs needed

3. Not traveling because of Covid

Biggest purse we will make is another 45KG bag of Iams dog food

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Dude, you’ve got “college X 2” to pay for in about 15 years. 


Already saved for, besides college is not that expensive her.  Figure about 400€ a year.  The Doc and I are in a fairly unique position.  Even Stateside we have the cash to write a check yesterday


You have made some great financial decisions throughout your life to be in such good shape now!!  Awesome for you!! 

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Top of the range iMac Pro. £14,999.00.

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A new air conditioning unit. Hopefully my home warranty will pay for it. If not, they can pay for the $1,800 of repairs it currently needs! It’s 110+ degrees outside and the mother-loving thing is blowing hot air! 

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