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I would love to.  But no, I will not.

I won't even book a two week local trip.  Or even a one week local trip.

I am considering a 5 day trip where I live in the van.  One night getting there, one night getting back, two days there.  Take enough food so I don't have to eat out or have much contact with people.  I have prepaid for the activity there, just figuring out a way to do it.

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My sister and I have plans to visit England, Wales & Scotland  in May 2021. I hope, by then, this whole COVID mess will be over and the UK will once again welcome tourists from the US. 

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I've never been big on going on holiday anyway. A lot of it is done because that's what everyone does or to keep up with the Jones's. A lot, not all. For some it's something to look forward to and it will help business's in the tourist industry. It's also a major talking point. Where are you going this year. How was your trip. I think going on vacation during a pandemic is madness, but that's just me. If other people want to risk it and they follow the rules that's up to them. Hopefully the situation will be a bit better for when JPT pops over.

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Nope. We are still keeping our movements fairly limited here. We had had potential plans to travel to a few countries in Europe next summer but that is going to be postponed until the pandemic is under control.

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Not now, certainly. I traveled in June to come here, 2 states away and I think that was risky enough. At the airport, strict guidelines are in place. But you never know who could be around that's carrying the virus and is asymptomatic. 

   I wanted to celebrate selling my home with a foreign trip, but that's going to have to wait until a vaccine is at least available.

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I am a total recluse now. No travel and no hob nobbing  with neighbors other than a few jokes on the phone. Even my pain management Dr. doesn’t even risk me coming in.

Our country went *Code Red* with the virus this month. The college students decided to party at a county bar and had all gotten the virus!

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Not really, we are hanging close to home,  Until this Covid thing is beat that will be our Lifestyle

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