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He said that  if Bob Woodward had thought it was bad ( meaning trump playing covid down) he should have gone to the authorities.


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4 Answers

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The guy is a laugh a minute. So much material for impersonators. Job for life.

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That is a good question.  

Would woodward going public have accomplished anything?   Trump is mean, vindictive, and incompetent.  Woodward telling the public that trump is incompetent would not make trump competent.  But it would make him angry and with barr as AG, woodward might have been locked up.  He would certainly have been ridiculed and hounded.

but to answer the question.  Trumpsky knows he is president, he just doesn't know what the job does.  

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Trump knows he’s president, but he thinks it’s just a bigger, more prestigious game show. 

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Well the ONS in the UK says if you test more you get more cases. Do you think they stole that quote from Trump?

Logic is contagious!

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Good deflection, can you answer the question?

To answer yours our FM takes full responsibility for her actions and our infection rate has been reduced to a manageable level. As responsible citizens we are taking steps to keep it that way, ie local close down when necessary, test and trace, and remaining indoors where we can, wearing a mask, avoiding crowds, social distance. The stuff tge experts have been advising.

So just saying the more we test the more cases we have is not fighting the virus, your man needs to act, now, 190 thousand plus deaths under his leadership is a massive fail. And people like you are letting him get away with it 


In case ya missed it I don’t sit in on his  Covid meetings.


But you make excuses for him, you support him and all of his lies snd cons and you will vote for him. You have to accept your small part in the destruction of American destruction 


And yet Trump signed a monumental peace accord today with Israel and UAE.

I suppose that’s not on your “bucket list”?

It’s a shame every network would have covered it in it’s entirety if the O’Biden team had brokered this deal all using the same tongue in a tongue bath!


You must not have been aware that Isreal and UAE had normalised their relationship several years ago and this "monumental peace accord" was just the formalisation of their normalised relationship.

And it wont pass my "bucket list" until Isreal and the eorld recognise the Nation of Palestine.

I could explain to you why the Evangelicals are big Trumpsters linking in Trump recognising Jerusalem as Israelis capital but im not that sure you actually care.

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