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+3 votes

Astrology. Word if the day!  Guess the meaning. Not hard to guess. 

Sorry guys,. I meant to write astrolatry and my cell wrote astrology. !!!

in Just For Fun by (950,730 points)

6 Answers

+1 vote

I don’t know the technical definition but it’s a philosophy that entails living your life, and choosing your destiny, based on the stars. 

by (2,359,110 points)

That's correct JOT, but I misspelled the word. Can you guess the meaning of the corrected word? 


Lol! Don’t you just hate “spell check”?? I have no clue what they word means! Do tell. 

+3 votes

It's a hoax created by the Democrats to rig the election.

by (3,905,591 points)

Your house is in Uranus! Bingo! Lol.


You're such an arse, butt I like you.


Ahh, Blue your wit is your charm!

+1 vote

The study of how your birthdate aligns with the stars and effects your entire life month to month.

I am a Capricorn born at noon on January 4th.

I supposedly am money/business oriented. Bingo!

But my high school best friend had the same “sign” She was irresponsible AF. Gave monetary issues little mind. And was constantly hitting me up for money.

She wanting an explanation why things weren’t more identical. I simply told her, her house maybe in Uranus!

by (753,450 points)
+1 vote

The word was meant to be Astrolatry. Sorry about that! 

by (950,730 points)

lol Oh no.

+1 vote

I haven't seen the word before, but I would guess from its root that it's the belief in astrology, or the influence that the stars have over our lives...

by (758,420 points)
0 votes


    Astrolatry is the worshipping of celestial bodies as deities. Examples, worshipping the sun god or moon god.  Many involved in paganism do this.  

by (950,730 points)
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