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+4 votes

Guess the meaning? 

    I promise I won't bore (some of you) with anymore this week. Maybe once a week will do. 

in Just For Fun by (950,730 points)

5 Answers

+1 vote

Garbo garbage.

by (2,947,170 points)

Close. :)

0 votes

“I vant to be alone...” as in Greta???

by (2,359,110 points)

No, sorry. But good guess. 

+1 vote

It's what Trump does, talk garbage.

by (3,905,591 points)


+1 vote

I actually know this one... If you "Garbo" someone, you are talking trash about them, right? (I think the term "garbo" is short for "garbage" in some English or Australian dialect?

by (758,420 points)

Yes, you sir, are correct. Garbo is garbage. 

+1 vote

by (946,890 points)

She could trash me...


She was beautiful. So mysterious looking too. 

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